July 01, 2011

Zombie Cheesecake DENIED!

A few weeks ago Worlds Best Comics, the store run by my friend BOB!1!tm was robbed. The thief made off with the register...on a Sunday night/Monday morning...This was a pretty bad hit for the store.

One of the more minor bits of fallout from this was only just realized this week: In the ensuing Chaos and confusion the Sentai Filmworks order for June was not placed...no HSotD on the 28th. This has been rectified....but there is no Zombie Cheesecake for Ken this weekend.

So I wait.

In the meantime I ponder spontaneous hydroponics.

 I've cleaned my folks gutters 3 times this spring/summer...including less than a 2 weeks ago and yet... You know, there are people who PAY for hanging gardens and those who try very hard to get hydroponics systems to work. I should give them my parents gutters.

Anyway, as I was lying on the roof cleaning the gutters a fourth time in 3 months I encountered...a leech. Leeches are aquatic, not aboreal. They do not belong in my parents gutters. This leech was utterly wrong. A few minutes later along the gutter over the back of the house, I encountered wasps. Wasps fly and make nests under overhangs. These wasps were utterly correct...and yet I found the leech far less annoying.
Odd how that works.

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1 They stole a cash register when the store was closed.  Not the best thinking in the world, that.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sat Jul 2 01:27:19 2011 (ZGINl)

2 How did you know the store was closed? Wait...THOSE FEATHERS...YOU!!!

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Sat Jul 2 08:26:33 2011 (EJaOX)

3 Yes, me!  Bwahahahahahahaaahahahahahahaaaaaaa!

Or... I've never heard of an all-night Hobby Shop, one of the two.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sat Jul 2 09:02:53 2011 (ZGINl)

4 I hope that BOB is ok.  I was a regular customer at World's Best when I lived down there.  Bob was a great conversationalist and knew a lot about all sort of Conservative politics.  If he is keeping the pattern he had then it is possible he was still opne when he was robbed.  He kept very late hours. 

Posted by: Jcarlton at Mon Jul 4 13:27:14 2011 (i0RQw)

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