February 14, 2015

An Important Valentines Day Reminder

One of the Brickmuppet's Crack team of Science Babes is about to learn an important lesson that you, gentle reader should make note of...

Heartfelt scene by ddochi1

 If you have someone special, then remember that the appropriateness of a gift can be every bit as important as the thought and effort that went into getting it.

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And Now We Know....

Source unknown but probably not approved By Casper David Frederich

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February 08, 2015

It Has Come to This

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Secret Files and Origins BRICKMUPPET

The new blog-game that all the cool kids are playing right now is this homage to the inventor of the blog* Brian Williams.

Sound Like a Badass Without Committing Yourself to a Lie

My Walter Mitty lifestyle is somewhat non-conducive to this challenge but sacred honor says I have to give it a go. 
So, what to write about? 
The barracudas? No. anyone who dives regularly knows that barracudas aren't that big a deal. 
Changing the bilge punp hanging upside down in the bilge of a fishing boat taking on water during the storm off Hatteras while seasick? No. No one wants to read about me aspirating my own vomit. 
Stepping on the Alligator? No That's not badassery, that's clumsiness. 
The bear under the trailer? No. Does not qualify. The bear and I achieved a nonviolent resolution to the situation.
The other bear, when the bear cub was behind me? No. See above.
That time in junior high when we built the raft and left the paddles on the island and the cops got called and the missing persons report was filed but we had come ashore in a completely different city? Nope not badassery...but might qualify as a failed Darwin award.
That time, at the babysitters with the bees, the baby and the wild pigs?Nope. No one would believe that.
How I became Tidewaters only LIVING comic book supervillain? That's not badass...that's just pathetic.

So I'll go with the origin of my nom de plume.... 

Everything in this story is true, though some descriptive phrase choices might be debatable.

It was a dark and stormy night. We get those in Virginia sometimes.

Several weeks or months after the storm, this happened.....

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