December 29, 2020

A Solution to the Gawr-Gura Conundrum

 Gawr-Gura is an English language V-Tuber associated with Hololive. Gawr-Gura is a little unusual in a manner distinct from her just being little and unusual. She embraces the conceit of many female V-Tubers being some variety of fantasy trope animal girl, but instead of being a catgirl, foxgirl or bunny-girl, she's half-carcharadon, you know, a great white shark. 

There's lore, I'm sure. 

While other demi-human damsels have cute animal ears coming out of their heads Gawr-Gura's hybrid nature is denoted by an art-deco hoodie and a shark tail. 

Now, if you're anything like me, you're looking at that and wondering how she goes to the bathroom.

"Whatever setbacks I have had in my life, I can at least always be secure in the knowledge that I am not anything like you." 

Anyway, Hololive is a Japanese company, and over there, a few Gundam toilets notwithstanding,  they have lots of squat toilets, so, problem solved.

The toilet in the maison I lodged at  for a month in Nerima; better suited to shark-girls than honkey-boys. . 

See? There's one less thing to worry about now.

You're welcome. 

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December 27, 2020

Oh Thank Goodness

It's just a crazy mad bomber. 

Nothing to worry about.

Seriously, there was speculation on both sides of the political divide that whoever set off the massive explosion in Nashville was motivated by politics. The theories have included, but not been limited to, Trump voters, Bernie Bros, BLM, Antifa, Anti Government Militias on the Libertarian Right, Anti Government Militias on the Anarchist Left, people upset at AT&T, or a false flag operation by one of the above to frame another of the above, and all of the aforementioned scenarios were presented as a long stride down the dark path towards civil war. 

Hence, the lack of coverage here* as there was not merely a lack of knowledge, but the actual opposite of knowledge. The information beyond the facts of the blast itself actually went into in the negative as the day progressed. 


And we fully acknowledge that said lead might itself might be bullshit**,  but it appears the police have a suspect

And to everyone's relief that suspect appears to be/have been a 5-G whack job ; somebody who believes that 5-G celltowers are spreading COVID-19.

This bit of Cray-Cray is far outside the realm of politics, and more importantly, seems, while very fringe, to be bi-partisan, nay, international stupidity. 

So, on this one issue, we can all come together in a brief moment of national unity, the likes of which is normally reserved for furries. 

*Well, that and the outage.

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December 06, 2020


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