March 11, 2012

Post Spring Break Cleaning...

...of the tabs.

Tab Cleaning girl is actually Ohana from Hanasaku Iroha

Here's an interesting gun...Melvin Johnson developed a semiauto rifle and machine gun, both of which were adopted on a limited basis by the Marines in WW2. Shortly before the war started, he designed another gun that combined his weapons best features with a much shorter overall length. It saw very limited service (one prototype used in the Pacific) but if it had been a few months earlier it might have been the general issue rifle US rifle of the war.

It's the middle one.

Oh joy. Nothing will go awry with this I'm sure.

A Hollywood writer comes out of the closet.

This is NOT the Onion.

Testify Ace.

History repeats. Lets hope it's not Sarajevo.

This is really impressive tornado footage
.  Kind of depressing but...WAIT...these are ALL depressing.  We need a  dispatch from the department of win.

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