November 01, 2011

It's November!

Lucky*Stars Kagami by Atutagawa Manbou

It's time for the ritual of the cleaning of the tabs.

First off, giant amoebas. Yes! GIANT AMOEBAS!
( Or baby shouggaths? You be the judge.)
Marine biologists exploring the Marianna's Trench have discovered amoebas that are 4 inches across.

2005U55 an asteroid over 400 meters across will pass within the orbit of the moon on November 8. Unfortunately, due to the gibbous moon, it will require a telescope with an aperture of 6 inches (152mm) or greater.

Cosmic Butterfly.

I probably ought to be appalled... but this is the first time I've won an election....and at this typing it looks like a blowout. 

Ubu seems to like Ben-To. He gives many reasons, but I suspect it's the syllable count.

Um....Neither do I.

What the hell good is a tractor beam that doesn't work in a vacuum?

Ten more days.

Robert Stacy McCain
(Magnificent Bastard) has jumped on the Cain Train with a brilliant and cunning plan that I wish I'd thought of.

The mice were feet down

Gone to Amerikay is now in the dead tree version of order it now!


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