August 08, 2010

A Few Quick Links

I'm trapped by the rain so here are a few links of note. Some of them are quite sobering but I highly recommend them.

Via Jerry Pournelle comes this worrisome piece on Inflation and the fall of Rome. The fact that seems to be timely is whats worrisome.

Baldilocks has the first two in a series of posts up on racism, the political weaponization thereof, peer pressure and the cages of the mind. These are both long posts but they are really important IMHO. They're here and here. (Due to a Typepad glitch both links take the reader well down the page).

The Kepler Space Telescope has discovered 140 Earthsized planets in the last couple of weeks! More here.

Ray Bradbury speaks (via The Anchoress)

Neo posts on the use of 'decoy Jews' in an attempt to try and protect actual Jews in Amsterdam, and how this is provoking consternation amongst those who say that taking action against those who harass Jews is....discrimination (no really).

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Old Warbirds for Sale

Go look at what the Duck is up to

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