September 25, 2021

The Levels of Quislingry are Being Exaggerated

One of the things that has been reported in the news is how the people of Australia have just followed the recently reinstated COVID restrictions without protest (save a few outliers) and enthusiastically begun snitching on any compatriots who diverge from the government mandates.

I decided to ask one of the Brickmuppet's Crack Team of On the Ground Sources in Australia about this and after gaining confirmation that opposition to the policy is quite broad was given the following reply from the utterly mysterious  BCTOOTGSIA#000001......

  The current protests are mostly construction workers that the state government abruptly put out of work.

Since it's a Labor government with close ties to the unions, they are desperately spinning it as anything other than jobless union members.

They've even banned news helicopters to try to hide the size of the protests.  The TV networks are suing: 
Well that last bit sure sounds familiar.

BCTOOTGSIA#000001 also recommended checking out two Twitter channels which have documentary footage of the large protests and the government response.

Melbourne has imposed draconian restrictions (which has been reported) and has undergone massive civil disobedience (which is not being widely noted, at least here in the U.S.). I should note that the results of the 15 days to flatten the curve have, in Melbourne been 235 days locked down and the highest daily case rate yet.  

There's a local opinion piece on this here

The main reason I post this is because the reporting from Australia has been largely unanimous in saying that Aussies are taking this lying down or even enthusiastically. That does not seem to be the case and it does a disservice to the Australians and only serves to demoralize the rest of us. 

A special thanks to our totally anonymous man on the spot who is enduring deadly spiders, boxing kangaroos, IT woes, and a shortage of chicken nuggets while trying to survive in a cyberpunk dystopia.

In completely unrelated news you should check out Ambient Irony daily.

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