August 20, 2015

Blogging on the Edge

Suburban Banshee, not content to limit herself to publishing scholarly translations of medieval texts, has decided to blog dangerously. Specifically, she's stumbled upon and posted about forbidden knowledge. Knowledge so forbidden that the Times Literary Society has removed it from its website. 

In stark contrast to those cowardly quislings, Suburban Banshee defies the dread Dervishes of decapitation by keeping the intriguing apostasy up on her blog. 

In short, certain Quranic texts have recently been dated too early... possibly before Mohammed started hearing voices from Gabriel.

The manuscript in question appears to be the one discussed here (which is a fascinating find in any event as it predates the 3rd Caliph's destruction of all versions of the Quran not his own). 

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August 19, 2015

When The Commute IS the Workout

Glute conscious cityscaping by Izumi Sai

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July 27, 2015

We Sincerely Hope

...that the fact that the last transmission from Don was on the 22nd and concerned an approaching tornado is merely indicative of a vibrant and rewarding social life. 

May everything on his end be going well. 

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July 19, 2015

Something Retro and Japanese

Here is Yamada 2, a Japanese blimp from 1911.

Don has discovered something else in this ridiculously broad category...proto J-Pop.

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January 22, 2015

Open Thread!

Yes the "Open Thread".

The international, IMO approved, SOLAS compliant, universally recognized code used by bloggers who are engaged in a three front war against school, work, and writers block.

Here are some random linky bits, just in case, like me, you have nuthin'.

Suburban Banshee suggests that ISIS may not be as well read on their stated policy manual as they claim to be. 

Trigger Warning! Politix...Neo suggests that Boehner may not actually be vindictive...or an idiot

On a completely different note...Don links to an article which proposes that suggestions that our society has entered a slow decline may be erroneous.  
He also links to this thing that I can't spell

Juxtaposition.Greely is doing that thing he does

Wonderduck is unaware that it is not Saturday

Steven reminds us that opining on cartoons from time to time...doesn't contradict our assertions that we're not kids anymore.  

With that in mind...Medieval Otaku claims to have found the BEST BOXING ANIME EVER! It's hard to disagree.

Borepatch has video on steam, steel and DREADNOUGHTS!

Tam and others have thoughts on flag rank payola.

Dr Pournelle seems to be recovering from his stroke and is opining on current events again. Some of it is trigger worthy.

Dustbury...poor Dustburry

CDR Salamander on China and VietNam.

Meanwhile...In Gibraltar...

Finally, Tekalili...

 Meganekko of Yith by Aor Saiun

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January 05, 2015

Teh Banshee on Kanazawa

Suburban Banshee has an interesting post up on the Kanazawa Peasants Republic where she ponders the former nation's influence upon Japan's pogroms against Buddhists and Christians.

My attempts at commenting on her post were unsuccessful, but I would note that Kanazawa is neat and its history is really interesting. There is an awful l lot of "What If" potential there. Additionally, I gather that Lady Eboshi's outpost from Mononoke no Hime is based in part on this town.

The area still has a reputation of having a bit of an independent streak. 

I took some pictures when I was there. 

One thing that probably helped them initially (and most likely moved them up on the 'conquest priority list') was the fact that the area has one of Japan's few natural resources. Specifically, the river there is fairly rich in gold. ( Panning is NOT allowed today...the gold in the river is the property of some mining company which has a filtration plant....and any gold flakes that make it past are still company property...and can just go out to sea)

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December 23, 2014

A Few Random Links

The Guardian suggests that declining oil prices may cause the Russian Oligarchs to launch a sort of  "palace coup" . Meanwhile, the New York Times suggests that Russia's least those with meaningful political pull, are a myth and Putin is so firmly in control of his nation's elites that any threat to him will not come from that direction.

It's nice to know that there is some consensus on the matter. 

Some good news on the Free Speech and CYA fronts: Sony has changed course yet again and is in fact releasing The Interview, albeit only through art houses. (Which, in fairness is all they CAN do, given that the major theater chains are still saying no.)

Much has been written about Keurig's asinine imposition of DRM on its users to crush the competition in the single serve coffee refill market. Well it is even worse than that. If you take D, R &M, rearrange them a bit and add a few more letters, you get MURDER! It seems that the little robot coffemakers are not only harassing their owners about what brand coffee they use, the monopolistic little Cylons from Planet Java are spraying them with boiling water

Tam has dreams; oddly awesome ones

No...nonononono. No I say.
(I actually wanted to be an astronaut.)

Tech imitates fiction. Now all we need to do is break the thing...and work out that time travel bit. 

Circumstances have prevented me from doing many reviews of late. Don has a suggestion on where to find more

With regard to reviews, I had never even HEARD of this show. I may have to check it out (though I'm unsure one of the names is translated correctly in this review.)

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December 20, 2014

This Just In....

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November 29, 2014

Insert Post Title Here

While I was being buried in cardboard (and was forgetting to hit PUBLISH),  Tam was finding the perfect Thanksgiving day picture

Also: Several bloggers went all musical at once..

and  Don, for whom this was less surprising than his joining the reds

All the cool kids are doing it, so I should probably take a slash at this. 

...or not.

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November 16, 2014

Wonderduck Takes One For the Team

Between his F-1 coverage, military history discussion and pointers to shows we might want to watch, Wonderduck has been watching a show called we don't have to. 

He has finally finished it and his overviews can be found  here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, not here, here, here, here and here. Yes. He watched the whole keep us safe from it. His posts on this subject are a bit surreal, but are estimated to be 77% less damaging to ones psyche than watching the actual show.

Words cannot express my gratitude to him for enduring this on our behalf. Thus I can only offer him this as thanks.

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October 30, 2014

An Epiphany

This afternoon, It suddenly occurred to me who the proprietor of Zoopraxiscope is.

The guy is obviously a genius since he can find gems like this

Thus, he probably has a PHD.

That he's musically inclined is obvious.

The final giveaway though was that, his name is Don. He probably didn't count on someone having spent their childhood playing with plastic toys that had names like Iguanadon, Trachodon and Deniedon..but I did and so I know!


My first go at doxxing....

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October 09, 2014

Bad Day For Borepatch

Borepatch has apparently had a bike accident...

7 broken ribs, a broken collar bone, and a bruised lung. I was lucky that the lung didn't collapse or get punctured. They had me in the ICU for almost 24 hours. The guy in the next room didn't make it this morning. I guess it could have been worse. 

Well, not so bad when taken from a certain perspective I suppose, but still...OUCH! 
Send him your thoughts here

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September 19, 2014


It'd be best to be refrainin' from tauntin' or any o' yer Scottish mates as there be a 45% chance that they be feeling lower than bilgewater right now. 

Shiver me timbers! An Evil Giraffe has sounded the alarm. There be Murder Hoboes about!

"So raise the gangplank already!"

The Dread Pirate Whitebeard, master o' the fierce and mighty galleon Chizumatic, has let slip that he's found a guide to treasure just o'er the horizon. The scallywag be tryin' to make it out to be not worth goin' after but I hear tell that there be at least one gem in that thar chest....

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July 05, 2014

Hell in a Handbasket this is not about current events, and in fact is a happy post!

James R. Rummel's excellent Hell in a Handbasket is back.  WEell, it has been for a while it seems, but this is pleasant news to me. 

You see, some time ago he had posted to the effect that he was giving up on blogging, but it appears that he changed his mind.

IRL, he teaches a pro-bono firearms safety class  for people of limited means who have been the victims of violent crime. Mr. Rummel blogs primarily on self defense with a focus on personal protection issues facing the elderly, handicapped, weak and poor. though he does occasionally opine on history, pets, and the junction between gun safety and art criticism

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June 24, 2014

The Duck is Dark

For those who might be wondering, I have received word via text that the reason that Wonderduck has gone silent is that he has has been without internet service for over three days. There is no indication of when it might be back as his provider is, apparently, up to no good. 

An actual photo of Wonderduck's internet provider.

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May 20, 2014

That's It: : Game Over

Pete wins...

He's had his very own "Blog-musume" for 6 years now.

A magical devachka, fighting evil with a 0.7mm pencil

(I think that's how you say it...This blog is not liking the Cyrillic)

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April 27, 2014

Still Scarce

   I have a big exam on Monday so the next two days will entail cramming and sleep (the latter being a very important component of test preparation that I frequently forget).


In the meantime a quick perusal of the interwebs  reveals several bloggers who actually have taken the time to provide content over the last several days.


Medieval Otaku gets in touch with his inner his Edith Hamilton to discuss the Oresteian influences in Kill-La-Kill.


Don has one of the two blogs whose embeds are invisible to me on Epic, so I very nearly missed his latest post, which I had initially taken to be a formatting error. That would have been tragic as I would have missed this gem, which shows that these kids today still have an appreciation of the classics. (There is a side by side comparison here.)

Borepatch alerts us to this comprehensively insightful and profanity laced analysis of dubstepby Foamy the Squirrel. Testify!

Observing us from his secret headquarters in Australia with a mixture of bemusement and horror Pixy seems to have come up with the line of the week…


 The Hillary poster in particular seems to come from some weird alternate universe in which Eva Peron was an admiral of the Imperial Japanese navy.

…which has, in turn spawned further discussion.

Heretefore I had thought the term "twintails" meant something entirely different from this.

Now I know better.

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January 17, 2014

When Geniuses Blog

If you need to figure out a pun... another language... 
...from graffiti...
...that's 1700 years old...
Well, you probably need to talk to Suburbanbanshee.


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December 04, 2013

ACME Content Substitute

I am still pretty swamped with cramming for exams, papers and working at UPS during December. I've already worked more overtime this week than I worked straight time last week (admittedly a short week).

In lieu of content here's yet more holiday cheesecake.
Given that there was no love for the G.u.P. girls, we'll try Kannagi.

Of course...I suspect that Steven has simply out-bid me in this regard. (Link totally NSFW!)
...It is a testament to my wasted life that I never knew that about Tuesday.

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November 27, 2013

The Best of Social Justice

A friend who desires NO credit for this due to fear of passive aggressive trolling and other markers of 'tolerance' sends me this link...

The Best of Social Justice is a Tumbler blog compiled by a brave or self flagellating soul who compiles posts, tweets, and chats of various  "social justice" crusaders.

It's hours of fun...or horror. But it can be useful too. For instance the fact that a prominent poster is named Lickingmuppets is one reason for me to carry a gun.

In related news: This exists...


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