April 11, 2019

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday there was a story that PewDiePie was switching to D-Live which seemed like a fairly consequential story for a couple of reasons:
*Pew Di Pie, while not to my taste, has a vast audience. Choosing D-Live is a big deal, and given PewDiePie's business model, quite risky.
* This, potentially is a big stand against the increasingly monopolized content filters in big tech.
*D-Live, being based on block-chain technologies, ought to be reasonably censorship immune. It also has its own crypto currency to pay its creators, enabling it to bypass the increasingly pernicious problem of censorship by financial institution.
*Additionally, they're a start-up with few to no ties to the Silicon Valley mean-girl dinner set.

And that is where my draft stood when I went to bed.

And so my highly astute and principled display of laziness spared you, gentle readers, from the consumption of misleading information.

Dev, over at S.F.O. has found a couple of additional data points:

*D-Live's biggest shareholder is that paragon of free speech, the Chinese Communist Party.
*All of D-Live's staff are Chinese students living in America.
*D-Live's block chain code is NOT what one would expect from a distributed, anonymous system based on individual security.
*It is EXACTLY what one would expect the CCP to provide.
*TOS is just as vague as other TechWeasels, but with the added comfort that by using D-Live you wave any right to ever take them to court.
*Their Crypto-Currency, LiNo is about as "Crypto" as one would expect from the CCP.  (Though in fairness its pretty cryptic).
*Additionally, LiNo has lots of amazing features that facilitate its use as a Ponzi scheme with additional allowances for wire fraud as desired.
*the vast majority of LiNo is owned by one holder, presumably the CCP.

Anyway, its really astounding just how bad this service looks. PewDiePie's endorsement is looking less like a brilliant, courageous, and inspiring decision and more like jumping into a burning trash dumpster that's floating towards Niagara Falls.

Dev's full 81/2 minute video on the matter is here...

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1 I know this comment will generate some negative views, whether they're shared here or not, but after spending a year researching cryptocurrencies in order to facilitate purchasing certain things that require using said currency...your description of LiNo leads me to respond:

"In other words, it's your bog-standard cryptocurrency."

Posted by: Ben at Thu Apr 11 23:31:59 2019 (4TRZx)

2 Speaking as someone who has worked extensively with cryptocurrencies the last couple of years, Ben is absolutely correct.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Fri Apr 12 05:34:33 2019 (PiXy!)

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