October 03, 2012

This Was Just Dumb

Yeah, it's politics...so its below the fold.
It seems that the Obama campaign has a secret weapon. Romney's garbage man. You see Romney allegedly never goes out and hugs his garbage man.


Well it turns out that Romney...well...read for yourself....

"During my campaign for governor, I decided to spend a day every few weeks doing the jobs of other people in Massachusetts.  Among other jobs, I cooked sausages at Fenway Park, worked on asphalt paving crew, stacked bales of hay on a farm, volunteered in an emergency room, served food at a nursing home, and worked as a child-care assistant.  I’m often asked which was the hardest job – it’s child care, by a mile.”

"One day I gathered trash as a garbage collector.  I stood on that little platform at the back of the truck, holding on as the driver navigated his way through the narrow streets of Boston.  As we pulled up to traffic lights, I noticed that the shoppers and businesspeople who were standing only a few feet from me didn’t even see me.  It was as if I was invisible.  Perhaps it was because a lot of us don’t think garbage men are worthy of notice; I disagree – anyone who works that hard deserves our respect. –  I wasn’t a particularly good garbage collector: at one point, after filling the trough at the back of the truck, I pulled the wrong hydraulic lever.  Instead of pushing the load into the truck, I dumped it onto the street. Maybe the suits didn’t notice me, but the guys at the construction site sure did"Nice job, Mitt,” they called. "Why don’t you find an easier job?” And then they good-naturedly came down and helped me pick up my mess.”  (251)

That's an excerpt from Romney's autobiography that's posted at NRO.

Now if Team HOPE'nCHANGE had not put out this stupid, stupid, scat for brains, class warfare ad, we would never have heard that about Romney. If they'd done the slightest bit of homework and had the tiniest amount of common sense they would have known this ad was a very bad idea.

Oh well...dang!

That story is interesting...it shows that Romney actually has an a awareness of what he doesn't know and works to educate himself.

It also serves to remind people of other Romney stories which put him in a good light.

Of course there will be little coverage of those stories by the media, which is completely in Obama's court, but idiocy like this ad only serve to give it a little more attention than it might get otherwise. It's typical of the strategic thinking that O and co. have demonstrated, getting us into the economic and international mess we're in.

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1 Gonna steal this.  It's amazing that the Obama campaign keeps thinking it's throwing fastballs, and then serves up these big fat slow pitch softballs.

Posted by: Mauser at Wed Oct 3 04:25:02 2012 (cZPoz)

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