May 20, 2011


I overslept by quite a bit.  I'm running hither and yon and can't get past the feeling I'm just some rat in a maze. Now I'm am having difficulties with a prism right now and I've  made a Faustian bargain with a potato who I'm convinced is plotting against me.

Of course there have been other distractions in my life but the above has taken up the lions share of my time this week and the rest are sufficiently banal... go below the fold.
I spent over 5 hours Thursday week before last in the hospital with what was initially thought to be a heart attack but ultimately turned out to be a seperated pectoral muscle (possibly with a side of fractured sternum). Ouch. (I had blogged this at the time but left it in draft.)

My semester average was a "B".

Due to hellacious medical bills and the fact that I stubbornly refuse to go into debt again for school, I'm not taking summer classes. Instead I'm filling in for vacations at work working split and double shifts. (I've got a few qualifications that are, for some reason, hard to fill) Despite this. I'm graduating next Summer (Or Fall if the last classes I need are not offered in the summer). I talked to my advisor recently and that went quite well.  I gave a presentation on making ends meet and doing stuff for a month in Tokyo when A: Ones hostel has burned down. B: Ones ATM card is eaten the day before one leaves. C: Ones credit card simply doesn't work leaving one with ~4-500 dollars for the month. The result of this was that I was given credit for overseas study. This is one less class I have to take and a considerable savings in funds. YAY! CALAMITY FTW!

I  spent most of last weekend putting together a bunk bed/desk combo that I got for 200 bucks at Big Lots. This frees up a ridiculous ammount of space.

I cleaned the gutters week before last and today I noticed plants growing in them again. How does that happen?

Girl with guitar is by an artist who went by the handle of Ryu. His website and store disappeared with GeoCities and I have not been able to find any sign of him since.

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1 It looks like someone managed to save much of his work here:

I've always liked his iPod girls.


Posted by: J Greely at Fri May 20 19:37:28 2011 (fpXGN)

2 Seriously, ow, but still better than a heart attack.

And way to go turning misfortune into academic credit.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sat May 21 05:00:15 2011 (PiXy!)

3 Whoa!  That site is massively not safe for work.  Good thing I don't have an office-mate.

Posted by: Mitch H. at Mon May 23 16:20:47 2011 (jwKxK)

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