August 08, 2009


Today, while at ODU to meet with my Japanese tutor, I used the Bank of America ATM in Webb Center. I got my 30 dollars, and my receipt and the machine ejected my card. I stared at the receipt rather ruefully for a moment. The balance was smaller than it ought to have been...WAY smaller. My vacation check does not seem to have been deposited. I should get this cleared up tomorrow morning. After pondering this for one too many moments I reached for my card...which then disapeared into the machine.

I tried to no avail to get the angry machine overlord to give me my card and then called BofA to find out how to go about getting it out, if that was possible on a Friday afternoon.
 It was not.
You see, as a security feature, Bank of America ATM machines shred cards that aren't removed with sufficient alacrity.

So I called the Credit Union and was presented with a phone tree which required my pin and account number...and was told by a robot that my account had been frozen...the robot then hung up on me.

SO..I cancelled my tutor session...drove across town in Friday afternoon traffic to show my IDs and (thank GOD) get my account unfrozen. Of course I now am going overseas without any ATM card, and a payroll discrepency that can be charitably described as [expletives deleted by standards and practices]. Said discrepancy will most likely be resolved soon but without an ATM card I can't get at the money overseas, and the new ATM card won't arrive for a week or more...I leave Sunday morning.

Of course I'm about to fly to Japan for 21 it's very poor form to be griping...and I'm nowhere NEAR  the situation I was in last year when my apt burned down, but damn this is a big chunk of my funds.

Oh well...there will be no fires, broken heels or dislocated hip on this trip.
That is my itinerary and I am sticking to it!

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1 Whoa, how much pondering time are we talking here? Note to self: avoid Bank of America ATMs in the future. I get that it's cheaper for them to send a new card than to be liable for fraud, but they could at least post a warning or something... this is the first I've heard of this security measure. Was freezing your account even necessary, what with the card being shredded?

Posted by: Andrew F. at Sat Aug 8 13:52:35 2009 (VbNCn)

Whoa, how much pondering time are we talking here?

Entirely too much obviously. A minute or so? I don't really know honestly.

Oh well, there are far worse things but it was aggravating.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Sat Aug 8 13:57:44 2009 (V5zw/)


Ah, yes;  BoA.  In 2002, when both my folks died within six months of each other, there were those people and organizations that helped and those that shit all over me.  While ONE lady at the BoA in Gold Canyon, AZ has my thanks, I piss, PISS, on the rest of that financial institution.  Even three years later, they were still causing me problems... I shit on their pricks.

Find a better bank or put your money next to your guns.

If this seems too extreme for your comments, I apologize and ask that you delete this.  I merely added it to note that what you experienced is representative for their company.  Best of luck in J-Land... if you go near Hamamatsu, let me know I'll help you out via a friend.  Cheers.

Posted by: Tiberius at Sat Aug 8 19:59:40 2009 (TXmvK)

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