March 17, 2021

Country Nearly Destroyed By Internet Troll

...or not. 

Yesterday I received an Email from a friend in Arizona linking to this story, which mentions that an upcoming HBO Max mini-series will name Ron Watkins as Q-Anon himself. 

The link was accompanied by a bit of a flex. "I called it! It was one of these guys into geek culture who turns out to run a ped0 website*. He was also behind GamerGate and KomicsGate! I so CALLED it. This was a huge Troll and nearly brought down our government." 

While I can attest to the fact that my friend had, in fact, "called it" (moths ago in fact) I think their flex is only 80% warranted.

Now, regarding my friend, (who I have not seen since 200 I like him a lot an owe him a debt that cannot be repaid. For reasons that I will not go into here, let me say that I have tremendous respect for this dude. This is not some upper class 'influencer' shrieking incoherently about some made up effrontery. This is a person of the utmost integrity and is talented, principled and morally brave. 

However, The fellow is not without some blind spots. He works in the Video Game industry and detests geek culture with a white hot hatred reminiscent of nothing so much as Principal Snyder's contempt for teenagers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

Oh pooh. I've made a useless reference and dated myself again. 

Anywayyy... Weebery gets on his nerves for reasons that are understandable given his experiences. There are, however, a couple of things here that need to be talked about regarding this story. 

Regarding the identifying of Jim Watkins as "Q",  that is not a new story. People have been making that accusation for some time. Count me as credulous but (only slightly) skeptical. People have been trying to nail Watkins to the wall since he refused to take down the bizarre manifesto of the waste of skin that shot up the ChristChurch mosque

Not only do I not condemn Watkins for that decision, I think it was both ethically correct and quite useful. The First Amendment protects speech, even the speech of that murderous degenerate. It also revealed that, while the people-shaped colostomy bag that killed all those worshippers was a member of the effete' male hen-party that is the MGTOW / InCel movement, he was also a radical environmentalist with Malthusian concerns targeting a demographic that he found concerning because of its high birth rate. 

We would never have heard that if 8-Chan had not held out until it was taken down. 

As to whether Watkins is "Q" I don't know. I know that his son implicated him in one of the links above, and I know that Watkins reportedly likes to shitpost and he gave some assistance to having the defenestration of the "OK" signal go viral. This is typical of the sort of performance art he is accused of, leaving something incredibly stupid as bait for SJWs to pick up, run with, and demonstrate their insanity. The big issue with much of this is that we are so far gone into clown world that these stupidities have resulted in the bait being taken but the powers that be not noticing the stupidity and running with it. This is dreadful, but also gives a good demonstration to sane people of just how crazy and/or malevolent our ruling class is. 

I'm not defending the asshole but this brings us to the overly generous assessment of this shitlord by my friend. 


His shitposting did NOT almost bring down the government. 

This is not a defense of those who follow Q-Anon, which is deeply stupid, only a note that few of the rioters were so motivated.

Q-Anon is idiotic. 

Now we should look at what Q-Anon actually believes. 

There is within the federal government a cadre of dedicated civil servants who are about to arrest and execute thousands of politicians and bureaucrats many of whom look take a blind eye to ped0fi!ia  and human trafficking by people who will line their pockets. That these heroes who are working implacably to capture these fiends will restore the constitution and usher in a golden age...if people just are patient and follow the plan.   

So, yeah. Q-Anon is crazy. 

The government is staffed by people who thwarted Trump at every opportunity and would do basically anything to protect their sweet pension.

Q-Anon is stupid.

However. Q-Anon did not almost bring down our government. 

It did not come close. 

The riot on the 6th was disgusting. I condemn it with the same fervency I condemned those who decided to burn loot and murder in our cities throughout this past summer. It was repellant and embarrassing. 

But like the many other riots by the other side, it does not threaten the U.S. They stormed into the capitol. They went through the windows and when a policeman tasked with protecting the representatives of the people told them to stop a stupid woman walked forward and got shot. 
Babbit gets no tears from me, though it is quite sad that she orphaned her kids. 

As far as I'm concerned these wastes of skin can die in prison. Their juvenile tantrum has massively empowered the progressives to violate our civil rights. 

And yes I get that it's not FAAAAIR that that all year long, riots terrorized and killed innocents who had no responsibility for or capacity to fix the complaints of "Anti"Fa  or BLM and they were bailed out by the current VP or were allowed off scot free in all but the most extreme cases....and the capitol rioters are by contrast being hunted down like the dogs they are. I don't care.**

Life's not fair.
Part of being an ADULT is understanding that. 
Don't go out and riot because a bunch of rich lefties did and got away with it. The REASON they did it is to rub your noses in the fact that they can and you can't. Work towards electing people who will change that....instead of falling into the lefts trap. 

Those of us on the right have to be better, because if we are just another band of barbarian thugs then it won't really matter who wins. 

Q-Anon did not and does not threaten the country. It is a stupid collection of idiocies tied together by a few strands of truth and the indefensibly forlorn hope that anyone in our ruling class is in the corner of the average American. 

What does threaten the republic is that corrosive idea that there are two sets of rules, one for the favored and one for the disliked. The current trends in the country are intolerable and the mind numbingly suss election combined with the refusal to hear the election complaints in court have given an ever increasing number of people the not indefensible opinion that we can't vote our way out of this mess. 

That is what will break the republic and turn the nation into an abattoir. 

If anything the shitpostery that is "Q" held despair in check for some time with its admonitions to not do anything stupid and "trust in the plan". But when the courts refused to hear the election complaints, when EVERYTHING that the left does seems calculated to nurture feelings of powerlessness and rage in the middle class of flyover country, that despair is going to find a release. 

I'm not defending this. It is a fact of human nature. 

I am increasingly convinced that much of what the left is doing is fully intended to radicalize a good portion of the country in the hopes that the less intelligent people on the right will behave as these smoothbrains did on January 6th. 

I further fear that they will be successful, because the left has made the stakes so high and there are only so many indignities that people will tolerate. The left is behaving almost exactly as the left did in Spain in the lead-up to that countries civil war, doing awful things intended to provoke a response, which in turn could be used as an excuse to crack down upon and indeed kill political enemies. In that instance, the left was surprised to find that their cruelty was not as effortless as they had hoped and ultimately were rent and defeated, but the cost was any semblance of normalcy and a dark chapter of human history that persecuted the Spanish people for over 40 years. 

That is what threatens to bring down the government. Not a Shitposter and free speech advocate. 

The annual revenues of the U.S.A. are between 2 and 3 trillion. Our debt is currently 28 trillion and skyrocketing. The blame for this is a completely bipartisan issue, but it is a much greater threat to the republic than some blackpilled LARPers. 

The current unmoored state of our mores is another cause for concern. Perhaps the ONLY thing that "Q"says that has any validity is that that there is a cadre of very powerful people who are into very young children (Epstein was pimping those kids out to somebody of considerable means). The recent craziness involving the de-womanizing of girls sports, the prescriptions of sex changes for children as well as the scandals surrounding the Lincoln Project and Drag Queen Story Hour are such otherworldly levels of degeneracy as to bring to mind Weimar....which should beof concern to anyone who has an IQ above room temperature. 

Well for some it is.

But that brings us to the greatest threat to our civilization. 

See, my friend wrote on his blog a thoughtful, impassioned and emotional missive condemning the awful actions of the 6th of January. It was excellent! However, I won't link to it for this reason. He and I had discussed the riots of last summer, the protests at the Supreme Court last year and he had been equally upset and angry at those. 

But there were no long pieces on his blog denouncing them. Because if there had been, my friend would not have a job. 

My friend is someone who has been through hell, and is both physically and morally brave. But this is a terrifying time and one must choose where one makes one's stand carefully, because it may BE the hill one dies on. 

That is the thing that I fear most. Because when we can't talk, when the conversations end ....that is when the blood is most likely to flow. 

Trump was an obnoxious vulgarian, and I did not initially support him, but beyond the fact that many of his policies were solid, his vulgarity was a thumb in the eye to those who would grind us into dust and that very crudeness allowed him to serve as a sort of arrestor switch for the backlash against the excesses of the left. I fear that the coming backlash will be bereft of such a governor. And that terrifies me. 

None of this is defending the crime against reason that is Q-Anon, but  putting this blinkered bonehead into perspective while pointing out that there are far more immediate concerns than it.   

*One note about 8-chan/Kun being a "pedo site". I frequented  8-chan and have seen 8-Kun. They are not. Both iterations of the site have had the same rules, no calls to violence, no true threats, and no KP EVER....KP does show up (in the boards one would least expect) and is constantly being taken down, by the very small staff. I suspect that the site is being targeted not only by pedos but also those who want to discredit the site. I fully admit I have no proof of that though. 

** OK I actually DO care about the ones who walked in the OTHER door on the other side of the building after it was opened by security and politely ambled through the building oblivious to the awfulness going on in back. They don't need to be treated as terrorists. At all. 

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1 a) Had the whole of congress been strung up, it would have merely been bringing them to vigilante justice.

b) There was never much chance of such a impromptu force being able to actually make it through congressional security forces.

c) The whole of January 6 stinks of Pelosi stage managing things.

d) The thing about the 'BLM' riots that is most disturbing is the clear evidence of official/Democrat involvement in the stage management.  Political organizations which do this stuff do not suddenly come to their senses and knock it off.

e)  Which is more likely?   That nominal conservatives got off their asses, and finally decided on and implemented fighting fire with fire?  Or that Bowser/Pelosi just did what so many Democrat mayors and governors have been doing for years, and especially most of last year?  Me?  I conclude Democrats, and that the other attribution is a frame job.

f) If those that oppose the Democrats are fighting fire with fire, we will not only see the one incident.  If this technique has been implemented outside of Democrat control, we will see it used again.  The Democrats hunkering down in their bunker with their dear leader in DC are far from the only Democrat targets.  Most of these Democrat targets remain quite unsecured.

g) I predict that fire will be fought with some other strategy.

h) Destroying the police, and denying recourse to courts will naturally increase vigilantism. 

i) I don't think QAnon was true, and do not think it was ever the center of gravity to opposition to the Democrats.  I did think that some of the early pushback was interesting, because it invoked the pedophile and the satanist theories to discredit Q. 

This looked really weird, because those elements, on their own, are credible.  i) Pedophilia is plausible if one has had any contact with a public school sex ed curriculum in the last 20-30 years.  ii) As for satanism, we can be sure that communism is a heresy of Christianity.  Much of the left are clearly religious communists in behavior.  If we define a satanism by defensible criteria, the charge of satanism is objectively true. 

The whole 'bureaucratic insider' framing is something people would want to believe, but which does not stand up to serious examination. So, the early anti QAnon stuff was an information operation.  I think the theory plausible that QAnon was an information operation done with the intention of being discredited.  The recent anti-QAnon stuff also sounds like an information operation, the new regime needing an Emmanuel Goldstein.

j) The regime will be brought down by its own insanity and illegitimacy.  It is premature to talk of it already being brought down.  In theory, it could stay in power if it was capable of restraining itself in its torment of Americans.  Xi's senile pedophile jiangshi is completely incapable of providing that restraint.  Policy now is set by a Gu jar of evil madness that will precipitate something, whether by in fighting or some other route.  Kam Harris will not fix the situation should she take over, because she has no ability to refrain from abusing someone under her power. 

k) Elections are pointless without first being able to i) control voter lists ii) avoid electronic voting machines iii) force the courts to decide disputes fairly. 

l) Nobody with a law degree can be trusted.  Paul Caron, taxprof dot typepad dot com, a law school dean, posted a letter dated january 12, 2021, bragging about being signatory to it.  It is signed by a number of law school deans, I understand over 150.  I have not learned of any of these recanting it, or being removed from their positions.  Note, Glenn Reynolds is at a school whose acting head signed the thing, and that person is still acting head. 

m) Before you can justly talk about fixing things with elections, you need to either restore the trustworthiness of the courts, or you need to have an alternate means of resolving disputes to the formal legal system, one that does not include people with law degrees. 

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