November 11, 2020

Is There Anything That We Can Agree on Today?

I think America might be able to come together on the topic of not hating Klee.

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Some, Like me Never Saw any Excitement, But Many did and Deserve Our Thanks For Keeping The Excitement at Bay

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November 10, 2020

This is a Test

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November 09, 2020

A Completely Innocuous Image

Post it Everywhere. 

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Well Then

I guess I need to state a few things. 


News outlets do not determine elections.

However, the election is NOT quite finished yet. 

There is a very slim chance that Trump might still pull this out. 

That chance is slim but not zero. 

It is also worth pursuing for the simple reason that it is the right thing to do. 

There are legal proceedings (quite proper IMHO) seeking to determine the propriety of the elections. 

Biden, is, therefore, NOT the President president elect (yet). 

I think that it is likely he will be, but I also think it is important to fight that result until the bitter end. 

And I'm not ashamed of that. 

There actually is some evidence of mayhem in the vote-counting in this election

And I do not have any shame about saying that.

If the election does not go my way, I will NOT Burn, Loot, or Murder as a result, for I am not a Democrat. 

I say all this because of a particular tweet. 

Nice life ya had there hick...too bad ya didn't just look the other way...

Obviously, that's good advice what with lists being made and all. If I keep my mouth shut and say nothing, then perhaps they'll ignore me if they come for the Jews, or the Catholics

So really, the smart thing is to refrain from making waves, which I would urge people with children to seriously consider. 

But I'd rather lick doorknobs in Wuhan. 

This is not a political blog, but I will use my modest, Z-List platform to, from time to time, push back against the Biden/Harris administration which looks to be being staffed with creepy and destructive people. 

To Wit

Heck, I might even, given some bizarre set of circumstances, defend the currently presumptive administration as I occasionally did Obama during Biden's tour in the Naval Observatory. 

But I won't be taking Mr. Tapper's ever so 'considerate' advice. 

I'm 50. I'm single. I'm not an imposing human being, but I believe in America, free speech and, fanboy that I am, I am nevertheless adult enough to understand that words are not violence, they are the best way to avoid it. 

I also possess a history degree, and looking back on the 20th century I've gleaned that when they start coming for those who are different or express an unpopular view, silence is unlikely to guarantee one's safety, or produce any good result. 

I do NOT condemn those in precarious position or whose jobs well and truly depend on their silence. We all have to eat. But those of us who do not have family to care for and are not required by our jobs to remain silent on social media probably should step it up a bit.

One other thing:

I am neither stunning, nor brave. I shout to the four winds as anonymously as I can, and I do that because I'm not on the book of Faces or the Twit roost. 

No, I blog at 

Now, my only connection to my blog's hosting service was as an unpaid Beta tester years ago, but I do think that perhaps now would be an excellent time for people switch to a social media platform that believes in free speech and won't report you to the Marquises of Palo Alto  (or the Gab junior puritan brigade).


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November 08, 2020

Science! (Again)

One of The Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Science Babes has just run back into the blogs vast underground control room with an addendum to the last post.  


"Sorry 'bout that. THIS is the kind of science you wanted right?"

I....OK. Wow.

It appears that during WW2, spies behind enemy lines in Europe were sometimes provided with carrier pigeons rather than, or supplemental to, radios as carrier pigeons were jam proof and did not emit RF radiation that could be detected and triangulated. 

They had to deliver the poop producers somehow.....

So they applied SCIENCE! to pigeonry. 

That there is a "Pigeon Service Manual" makes me happy.

"Science Babe" in this and the previous post is the awesome Makise Kurisu from Stein's Gate

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One of The Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Science Babes has contacted us suggesting that she has some links of interest. It'll be good to avoid election news for a bit.

"Oh. No... I....uh...just was going to share some expository links on Benford's law...'cause I thought they'd be relevant. They', here, and here. Also a paper applying Benford's Law to elections is here. Sorry, bye."

Oh. FFS.
Thank you imaginary 2-D assistant.
Well, let us discuss why they're well and truly relevant. 

Someone posted this link on Facebook and had it taken down. It's gone strangely viral as various people post it and get their facebook pages censored with the link removed. 

Facebook is defending their decision by saying that the link contains "adult sexual exploitation". I challenge you, gentle reader, to go read the article and point out the lewdness in the comments (we need some amusement). In any event people are having their Twitter accounts locked for linking it.

Whatever one thinks of Trump's increasingly slim chances of pulling this election out. These actions will do nothing to dissuade people of the legitimacy of his protests. Banning any discussion of analysis that does not comport with their worldview is not the act of a movement that is confidant in its position or without guilt. Likewise, the creation of lists, to render unemployable, and deny services to ones defeated political opponents is not the actions of a movement that thinks it is in the catbird seat...and certainly not the action of people who are fit to lead, let alone rule.

There is some discussion of this in the form of opinionated political disquisition rather than mathematical analysis hereherehere, and here.  There is an amusingly relevant BBC article on the overall topic here

You may wonder Why I am allowed to host this most problematical of math links and get away with it. 

That's because I blog on, part of a growing social network dedicated to free speech. You should check it out. Note that there are some upgrades in the works as well. Me 'n You won't fix the world, and is not arrogant enough to try, but it will let you communicate in good faith without fear of your social network enabling reprisal

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Cuba, Marathon, and,The Conch Republic, Are About to Get Wet

No doubt people in those places are interested in its E.T.A.

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November 07, 2020

SplodyFalcons are GO!

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November 06, 2020

Scrolling Through the Headlines......

....I'm seeing: 

Election News

Election News

Scary Election News 

Stupid Election News 

Election News

Election News

Hot Takes on Election News

Election News

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November 05, 2020

A Compromise Proposal

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November 04, 2020

Nothing to See Here. Move Along

Watch on Bitchute

Nothing to see here either.

Also: A person named Jason Demoine Daniel voted in last night's election (In Michigan). He voted Absentee, which, I suppose is fine since, having been born in 1850, he's probably quite frail. He was 11 at the start of the Civil War, he saw the nation transition from agricultural, developing country to industrial powerhouse. What things this person might have seen; Passenger Pigeons, American Locusts, the first cars and planes, Hell, given his proximity to Illinois, he might have witnessed The Great Chicago Fire! There is no telling what knowledge he might be able to impart to us. We should have some historians go interview this amazing human resource.

Unless....his longevity is due to him being a Dracula or something. In that case send monster hunters. 

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First They Came For The Oppai...Then They Came For The Rogue A.I.

A few months ago we noted that an American V-Tuber with the admittedly spicy name Oppai Pantsu was banned for a TOS violation. The violation was that Twitch retroactively decided that "Oppai" was a banned word on the platform. They had never mentioned this and had not given the girl the opportunity to change it. She had to re-launch her channel under the name Oppapan and lost her Partner status. Her channel has never really recovered its once impressive viewership (no one can search for her under her old name). 

Today, Projekt Melody got the same treatment, though there is, as yet, no indication as to why. 

No indication at all...Just a pink screen. 

What's weird is that despite Projekt Melody's other channel, her Twitch stream was fairly inoffensive (double entendre's notwithstanding). Projekt Melody was an entertaining Twitch streamer. She was no pro-gamer, but she was enthusiastically learning video games and her streams were enjoyable in large part because of her enthusiasm and dry wit. She did a lot to help up-and coming streamers by leveraging her sudden celebrity. Despite her official backstory (She is a rogue A.I. damnit. That is her story and she is sticking to it!) there was a remarkable sense of sincerity and fun in in her show. 

This is really bizarre, I'm not sure what Twitch is up to aside from drunkenly swinging the banhammer. 

I do note that Melody was one of the few streamers that spoke up in defense of those Holo-Live girls that got temporarily banned last month


Hambly can't spell "extortion" which is unfortunate as that is the reason for Melody's absence. A DMCA notice was filed by her character designer, apparently  in breach of contract. 

As per Wonderduck in the comments, Melody is back

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Take of the Day

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November 03, 2020

I've Got to go to Work

But this may be a leading indicator. 

The Yuan is tanking. Apparently the CCP is suffering some sort of reversal as of 23:21 Tuesday evening.  

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While We Await the Inevitable Chaos...

...let's take a moment to appreciate just how darned gorgeous this MOBILE game is. 

...and what a good editor Kuro Ailfa is. 

I am highly tempted to start playing this, know...gacha. 

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...a woman named Arianna will comment on my blog, expressing praise for my hot take on some subject. She'll find my humor engaging, and want to get to know me better. She will be my soul mate. 

And I'll delete her comment because I'll assume she's that damned bot. 

"The tragic life of a blogger is tragic." 

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Aside from two or three midterm elections and a similar number of primaries, I have missed zero elections since 1988. I don't think I've EVER seen a line quite as long as the one I stood in this morning, except possibly 2008. 

The fellow behind me had had to leave and get additional clothing earlier in the morning (It was quite cold and windy) He noted that the line earlier had been longer still and gone completely around the school. 

The line was so long that it extended far enough out that city council and school board candidates could legally pitch themselves to voters in line, which they did with much verve and enthusiasm. I found this welcome since it is terribly hard to find out anything about city council or school board candidates who are, by law, not allowed to express a political affiliation. This is he first time in years that I've voted for local offices and not felt that I was just throwing darts. 

The line, for all its length moved quite fast and I was out in just over an hour. 

In stark contrast to the acrimony we see on the news, everyone was civil, pleasant, and supportive of everyone else doing their civic duty, and it was a very diverse crowd, with people of all ethnicities in outfits ranging from suits to coveralls. 

Now.....we wait.

(And wait and wait and wait, since, according to the radio just now,  Governor Moloch McBlackface has said that the state will count ballots that come in by....Friday*. )

*A quick web search turned up nothing corroborating that, but it may be breaking as I type this. 

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November 02, 2020

Why are MY Comments

...and not Arianna the Enterprising Salesbot being blocked as spam? 

As opposed to the good kind of SPAM as rendered here by OmeNo

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One More Day


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