June 04, 2012

Some Quick Kimberlin Followup

Previous posts here, here and here.
R.S. McCain has blogged follow-up posts from the super secret blogger safehouse here, here, here, and here.

This sordid little story has gotten even nastier now that the fellow who was threatened has been jailed. Volokh has more on that...it's pretty disturbing.

Popehat has thoughts on a non-partisan approach to dealing with this atrocity.

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June 02, 2012

Falling Short is not the Same as Scewing Up

Leadership can be thankless.
Even if one does everything right...
Even if one has a superb staff, excellent kit, a clever and thoroughly solid plan that one executes admirably...

The enemy ALWAYS gets a vote...

Oh my.

Numerous people have remarked about the methodical pacing of Bodacious Space Pirates.
That pacing really comes to the fore in this installment. After last weeks action packed previews and the episodes rather jarring teaser the story switches gears abruptly to move at a quite leisurely clip.
Marika formulates her plan, there are character expositions and various background points are clarified. In any other show a build up this gradual would drag unbearably, yet here, every little bit of what seems at first glance to be padding is structure. Every bit of it matters, if not to the plot, then to the characterizations.

When it finally happens, the action is that much more satisfying.

Of course, I'm not sure if my high opinion of this kids show speaks more negatively of US television or me.

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June 01, 2012

The Crops are Saved!

It looks like Don has graciously provided Tidewater with some of his Midwestern weather...

Several of these obnoxious little boogers have touched down to wreak mischief over the last few hours. We have a warning until 10pm and watches until 2AM. Tornadoes are not unheard of here but so many in one day is rather unusual.

Of course we also got some of our more normal weather...just spectacularly so...this is Warwick Blvd in Newport News about 4 hours ago...

This area is about a hundred feet above sea level with the cliff overlooking the river only about 2 blocks away and yet...

The street filled remarkably fast. At one point water was flowing OUT of the storm drains. The intensity of the rain at times was incredible.

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