May 26, 2012

Why it Matters

Yesterday was BLOG ABOUT BRETT KIMBERLIN DAY! . However, my schedule has not permitted any blogging from here since the last Kimberlin post.
This is of little concern as...well, that is one impressive gaggle of bloggers there!

Nevertheless, I do think it is important to talk a bit about WHY this is a big deal.

First, I....

Emphatically apolitical girl is the generally calm Mio from the generally hilarious Nichijou.

This really isn't's domestic terrorism.
Nevertheless, below the fold we go....


Brett Kimberlin himself is a nobody, a bug. He's waste of skin who terrorized the town of Speedway Indiana with bombs and was released early. Thus credentialed, he was then able to get hired by a couple lefty NGO's and is terrorizing people.

Kimberlin is an evil man but he is not the problem. The problem is the thuggish intimidation tactics the left is using to silence their critics.

The first case I was aware of was Paul Mirengoff being forced to stop blogging when he was revealed to be a blogger at Power Line.  The recent efforts to remove from the airwaves Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh ( the former effort a qualified success, the latter a comical failgasm) are indicative of the professional lefts contempt for free speech and their enthusiasm for thug tactics.

This is why they are paying murderous thugs like Kimberlin. it's not just the terrorist chic, they are paying them because they ARE THUGS and as such are very useful at kneecapping those who tell uncomfortable truths.

To illustrate what I mean go read the travails a blogger endured recently. He went through much of what Arron Worthing did but Paterrico is much more succinct in his recitation.

Go read the whole thing. it. It'll take about 6 minutes if you don't watch the videos.

I'll wait.

There'll be a quiz.

OK it seems that this thuggery really started to get into gear when Brietbart and several bloggers broke the loathsome Wienergate story. There were a lot of threats then most of which led to nothing but there started to be a push to find out who the anonymous A-listers on the right side of the blogosphere are. Remember that twitter capture of Nadia Naffe about halfway down Paterrico's post? (I told you there'd be a quiz) This is setting people up as targets, to be harassed.

To wit:

Emphasis is Paterrico's.

Their is a deliberate and coordinated attempt to terrorize through SWATTing, threatening of livelihoods and legal intimidation via frivolous suits those of us who post online opinions that do not jive with a leftist world view. These jackwagons are trying to reduce the nations free speech to a level where if you speak too far from the approved line you endanger your career. They have set up a infrastructure to do this with lawyers and semi-disposable thugs like Kimberlin.

 Even if Kimberlin is taken down for his crimes the harassment will continue and free speech will be eroded as one after another those who expose the egregious antics of the left are ruined or, for the good of their families put down their keyboards.

This, then, is why their nightmare matters to us all.

And why I've blogged on this twice in 4 days.

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