August 28, 2018

Slightly Less Fun Than the Last Post

This video is three years old and it looks like Extra Credits was not only ahead of the curve on this story, but, due to their area of expertise, had some very interesting perspectives about the Chinese social credit system. The video also has some facinating bits of info regarding the Orwellian nightmare in question that haven't been widely reported.

One of the entities that runs the SCS is Tencent, the company that owns Riot Games, Epic Games and... Blizzard. 

Furthermore, it looks like a couple of specific features of the social credit system seem to have been given beta tests in Blizzard's popular MMO, World of Warcraft.

The whole social credit system is the stuff of nightmares, but the fact that western game companies are so heavily involved in the development of this is even more worrying as this has some...implications.

Perhaps Twittermobs are a beta test to explore more social manipulation of a more kinetic nature. 

This might sound paranoid. And you might think to yourself "That's retarded!" ...but if you didn't just think that...but you tweeted it, well, then you just got banned.

So who's retarded now?

UPDATE: OK, so you so you  just got suspended for a week. These things add up.

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August 24, 2018

THIS JUST IN: Stupidity Still Rampant

 "He should change his name to Jack"


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August 21, 2018

Today's Facebook Follies

Facebook is instituting a TRUST-RATING FEATURE because their Panopticon is not just creepy enough yet. 

Also: If your Facebook page gets...big*...then you need to let Facebook know where you live

People who manage these pages that have significant followings are going to be asked to complete an authorization process in order to keep posting on their page.

"Well...that doesn't have any troubling implications."

Oh lighten up Sarcastic Coffee Girl. It's obvious that the idealistic nerds are just building a road to a glorious** future that we can get a glimpse of in this two year old Wired article and these two pieces that (entirely coincidentally I'm sure) ran on Drudge today. 

* definition of "big" is not firmly established at this time.
** definition of "glorious" may involve momentary discomfort.

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August 08, 2018

On the Spectrum of Lothsomeness

Alex Jones is a jerk, a creep, a lunatic, deeply offensive, societally corrosive, and an affront to all decency. 

He also, to the best of my knowledge, is not advocating anyone get banned for saying things that he finds disgracious to his demented world view.

This makes him vastly less loathsome to me than the people who advocate de-platforming him, and somewhat less loathsome than those who think that this is 'not the hill to dies on' .

More in depth thoughts on this here, here, and here. A less current but more succinct take on this issue has been making the rounds as well.

Oh good Lord!

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