April 22, 2008

Rationality Expelled

I'm really busy studying for exams.
I would hate to get expelled.

However, with that in mind,something has come up that requires comment.

Fortunately Pixy is doing a fine job of it, as is Matoko San.

I have not seen the film so I have little to add except to say that ID is pernicuiously, malignantly wrong. It is not merely stupid and wrong, it is corrosively antiscience.

Yes the evangelical atheists are vile and obnoxious and bigoted...how did the producers decide to get that point across? By making  jerkwads like Dawkins look good.

Congratulations...you've cunningly picked an issue (I'm talking about IDiocy of course) where they are unequivocally right....BEULLLER!!!???

The filmakers allegedly make a point about left leaning influence of grants and political correctness.
Congratulations ein Stein....you've attached yourself to an issue where you are utterly wrong.

This film plays to the worst stereotypes that the left spreads about the right, empowers the condescending jackasses  like Obama and Dawkins and  it  is  immorally anti-science.

I've got morons on my team.

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April 19, 2008

If True, This Can't be Good...

China has reportedly renamed the former Russian Carrier Varyag, * the Shi Lang.

Shi Lang was the Chinese Admiral who captured Taiwan.

More Chicom CV rumors here.

Varyag was purchased unfinished with the stated intention of turning it into a floating hotel/casino/ entertainment center....but 'somehow' ended up at a naval base painted in P.L.A.N. Grey with naval technicians swarming over her.

* I can't find a primary source on this.But this thread and the Wikipedia entry list Janes AtWFS 2008.

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