November 14, 2010

Our Situation....Explained


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November 02, 2010

The Fight

Rubio has pulled it off handily.

Rand Paul seems to have won big.

There is good liveblogging all over the place, I recommend CDR Salamander, The Anchoress, Pudding CentralRS McCain, The Corner, and RCP. For the view from the other side you might want to drop in on Kos and the Huff puffies .

It isn't looking good for the Senate, but as I type this Republicans are looking at 60 or so pickups in the house.

UPDATE: Nikki Haley looks to have pulled it off, as have Tim Scott and Allen West. Damn wacist wipubwicanz...
Senate is now un-winable, but the house looks to be a bigger win than anticipated.

Defrost the pudding.

UPDATE: Good speech by Boehner. It is late I have 2 hours to sleep. Good night.

I hadn't seen the last bit of Boehners speech. It's still a very good, non-triumphal victory speech...just...damn.

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When I got off work today, I went straight to my new polling location in Churchland. When I had changed my address and drivers license at the DMV, I was sure to change my voter registration info.

Alas I am not in the system.

I've voted in every election except a few uncontested midterm elections since 1988.

The poll watchers actually asked if I had changed my registration status at the DMV as this has been an issue today in this precinct.

Well, after some searching I was informed that I might still be on the rolls at my old polling place in Newport News, on the other side of the tunnel traffic I had just slogged through... The polling place that is actually walking distance from work.

Before I left I got specific instructions on where and how to register at the registrars office.... ...which is pretty self explanatory but so was the DMV. The pollwatchers were professional and helpful and, again mentioned that this had been an issue this morning. In fact two other people had the same issue before I left.

I'm discouraged, so I should jut blow the whole thing off, I mean it's not like one vote is going to matter....'sides this thing is in the bag...


That's how 'they' GET YOU!

Besides, too many people have died to give us this right.

Too many still endure real peril to exercise this right ...

...for a grown American man to be defeated by traffic and a 40 minute drive.

However, as I've already missed my Tuesday class because of this fiasco and have been up 31 hours, I am going to get a nap first.

More to follow.

UPDATE: Well, I voted, but not in the election for MY congresscritter, but in the election for the CC representing my old precinct. I noted that of the 17 other people in this second polling place, 3 were off to the side with similar issues to myself, all involving DMV registration.

Although I was on the rolls in Newport News, my ID (with my current address) did raise some eyebrows and got me sidelined for a bit with paperwork and questions. This is not a bad thing of course. The pollworkers in Newport News like the ones in Portsmouth were patient and professional.

The pollworkers said it had been really busy for an off year election. The voter traffic seemed to be picking up quite a bit as I left, just over 30 minutes before the polls closed.

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November 01, 2010

Exams are Over

After a remarkably spread out 2 weeks of exams I did manage to get all "A"s and "B"s.
Oddly, I got docked 4 points on one for giving too comprehensive an answer.

Tomorrow is the election.
I think it is going to be more of a near run thing than is being hyped.

I have just gotten in and need to be to work in 4 I'm just gonna leave this here...

'Cause I'm a bad bad man.

Now vote.


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