December 15, 2012

Well, THIS Sucks

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has collapsed and sustained a concussion.

Apparently she had some stomach virus and collapsed from dehydration. I'm just getting over one and yeah...that can happen.

Let's hope she has a speedy recovery.

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Some Quick Thoughts on Recent Events

Evil exists.
No writ of law or regulation will banish narcissism and hatred from mans heart.
It cares not one whit whether you acknowledge it's blackness or you make up politically correct excuses for it.
Evil will always find a way to arm itself in some manner, and it will gravitate to those places where no one else is able to do so. For evil is not impressive, it is generally cowardly, venal and narcissistic.
Mass shootings take place in schools, movie theaters and workplaces in part because these are places where no-one is allowed to carry a weapon and options for escape are limited. The lessons from this are obvious, but they are not the lessons being espoused by those who want a nation of compliant subjects and not citizens.

Ace has thoughts on copycats that I think are dead on.

No, the maniac in Colorado shot up the theater because he was a pathetic weakling unloved by women and incapable of satisfying them and so retreated into a twisted babydick world of power fantasy.

Same thing with this guy.

I'm going to go against my political team, here-- although conservatives often say "Label evil as what it is, Evil, and leave therapy and psychology out of it," I'm going to say No, not in these instances. Because Evil (notice the capital letter E) is powerful in these sad losers' imaginations, and they want to be called the Big Scary Man, the Shadow That Menaces At Midnight.

For an impotent, weak, ineffectual man, that is an attractive fantasy.

What they do not want and could not abide is an accurate assessment of their psychology, their physical stature and shortcomings, their ability to succeed in work or school, their loser history with women, and so on.

Yes. Don't encourage the worms that might follow him in search of some affirmation of their value via infamy. This dickless wonder should not be a source of dread but beneath our contempt.

I do note two things. The first is that virtually all the initial reporting was utterly wrong. Another is that like the VA Tech shooter, he seems to have announced what he was about to do on 4-Chan.  Perhaps we should have people look at /b/'s worked before.

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April 1

Some halfway decent news.


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