June 14, 2014

An IT Question for Pixy (and any other IT professionals) UPDATED

In 1973 revelations that 18 and a half minutes of a recording on a reel-to-reel tape recorder had been erased dealt the death blow to an already struggling administration. In 2014 the revelation about the loss of every single E-mail pertinent to the investigations into the IRS political targeting of American citizens is being described as 'just one of those things'. 

Pixy, as an IT professional, does the total credulity expressed by so many regards this data loss indicate that the powers that be actually have proof of the existence of a population of Magical Malevolent Data Eating Bunyips whose grazing range extends throughout the tubes of the internet?

I'm thinking that this hypothesis is the only way to square that circle.

Also: Assuming they are out there, can we coax these beasts into feeding instead on anything involving Air Jordan Snakeskins and their Dadaist proponents?

 UPDATE: I mean seriously, ruling out bunyip involvement would have such implications as to open a can of yowies.

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June 10, 2014


There is a bit of political news from my home state that is worthy of comment. 

Oh NO! Not NOW! Not politics! I just submitted a techno-yaoi manuscript to Bantam and now I'm gonna get frickking blacklisted!

You should have tried Baen, but fear not! We put the politics below the fold.

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