November 27, 2016

Does Anyone Know...

...what this picture represents?

It was picture for the headline at Drudge yesterday which concerned Hillary effectively withdrawing her concession and going with recounts in multiple states. I am struggling to find the connection.

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November 09, 2016

A Few Quick Thoughts on this Mornings Upset

I was pleasantly impressed with Trump's magnanimous acceptance speech, which has, at least for a time, tempered the very mixed emotions I had voting for him.

In fairness, I was also pleasantly surprised with Madame Secretary's prompt and congenial concession.

The U.K. Independent, which is certainly NOT on the Trump train, has some surprisingly reassuring thoughts.

Sarah Hoyt, who, like me held her nose tightly and voted for the fellow, has some very somber thoughts that deserve to be read in full.

(Update: Kelly Anne Conway really is the acme of political consultants.)

I should note that as much as we here at Brickmuppet Blog disagree with President Obama, when he was elected, we  did not mock him and we defended or spoke up on his behalf on those rare occasions he did something we thought to be good, proper, sensible or at least defense-able

So we can only react with mockery to this.

"Mock mock mockety mock."

A lot of people are worried. Even many of us that voted for him believe that Trump warrants considerable vigilance. Rest assured though that the press will provide that oversight with verve and a sense of urgency in exactly the same way that they wouldn't have for his opponent.  

So lighten up.


Takumi Yanai's work may not be the only evidence of time travel....

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We are actually less utterly screwed than I thought we would be this morning!

I remain deeply skeptical of Trump, but credit where it is due, he has done what most thought impossible. Whatever his flaws (and they are legion) I can, with considerable confidence, wholeheartedly and without reservation agree that by far the lesser of two evils won this election.

Hillary Clinton wasn't just singularly corrupt. She was the standard bearer for a group, a party and an self-appointed faux aristocracy that not only feels unwarranted entitlement to rule over us, but despises us with every fiber of their being. 

We're in for a rough ride as a nation. Trump quite scary in his own ways. However, there is another bright side to this; the intensity with which political correctness got a kick in the groin this morning. 

And that, at least, unambiguously rocks!


On a rather less serious note. It is infinitesimally less improbable that Takuni Yanai, is in fact a time traveller.

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November 05, 2016

Good Hunting, but do Be Careful

J.C. Carlton (whose blog you should be following) has a thoughtful disquisition on the state of political discourse. Out of consideration for our readers, we'll post our quibbles below the fold and post a picture of Best Oni here. 

Because she's relevant. 

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November 03, 2016

Hoyt On The Election

Sarah Hoyt has thoughts on next Tuesday's Russian roulette session.

My own thoughts on the matter are that...


"Oh God...Not politics PLEASE!"


They're brief, but out of concern for those who are suffering from induced politicophobia, they are below the fold.

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