September 25, 2011

It Was Not Even Close!

UPDATE: As this is a political post, it has now descended below he fold.

Note that the .gif is actually somewhat related.


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September 14, 2011



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September 10, 2011

A Snowballs Chance in a Blast Furnace

This post drifts into the partisan arena below the fold. It may contain images that some will find disturbing, or unpleasant.

Everyone ought to read more Yotsuba&!

As compensation for this, here is the very antithesis of partisanship... Yotsuba&! producing less worrisome images.

For those who dare, hit "more" to get on with the politics...

UPDATE: The post below the fold has been updated.

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A More Pernicious Madness

Reuters reports on an EU study that indicates that nearly 40% of Europeans suffer from mental illness. The definition of mental illness in the study seems on one hand to be rather broad, as it includes insomnia and anxiety. On the other hand I don't think the government study is likely to recognize THIS for the madness it is...

At the instigation of a mentally unbalanced bee-keeper, the similarly unbalanced European Court (EuGH), the highest court in the EUSSR, is considering whether honeybees are allowed to approach genetically modified plants and take their pollen. If they are not, then, first, the resultant honey must be removed from supermarket shelves and burned in a carbon-neutral fashion. Second, bees will be forbidden to approach inappropriate blossoms.

OK the translation is imperfect...but damn. Due to hysteria over geneticall modified crops, the EU is going to forbid...the bees...from approaching politically incorrect flowers. 

Bee-girl is by Nardak, who had nothing to do with the added text.

Note that being surrounded by such dingalings would seem to indicate that the responses of anxiety and insomnia are actually a sign of sanity.

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September 07, 2011

The Great Debate

...was great.

Seriously, it was a really good exchange. I was surprised.

Despite the focus on Perry and Romney several of the others were quite strong. Perry was not stellar but he gave a credible and solid performance and Romney seemed to hold his own.

Cain did well in previous debates and he has grown as a candidate. This was his best performance ever, with answers that were not only well delivered but remarkable in their specificity.

Thank goodness for Newt...he is not executive material but he is a damned good idea man and these debates are much better for his presence. He actually did hit it out of the park a couple of times. He needs to at least be an adviser in the next administration.

Huntsman came off better than he has before, in that he got to talk, and though he likely did himself no favors with the base its obvious he is a thoughtful guy.

All in all it was one of the better discussions of our problems I've seen.

OTOH the hosts did not cover themselves in glory as they tried (quite unsuccessfully) to start petty fights and in one remarkably patronizing moment, they brought in a Hispanic reporter to ask questions about immigration...and then dismissed him. 

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September 05, 2011


She's running! She's running! She ran.
She did pretty good too.

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