January 27, 2022

A Distinction Often Lost

So Justice Steven Breyer announced his retirement today. A milestone in his storied life that was somewhat robbed from him by the little weasel that leaked the news yesterday. 

After an unusually coherent introduction by the POTUS, Bryer today gave a short speech.

The speech really rather emphasized the stark difference between an actual, old school American Liberal, and a Leftist/Progressive. 

Should be cued up to the 5 minutes of clarity in the 58 minutes of...stuff. 

Direct, to the point, and brimming with optimism, Bryer avoided punitive language and threats as he laid out a Raison 'detre for our judiciary, a bit of cautionary perspective to those who think the system we have should be abandoned, and a much needed word of hope extolling the virtues of civics. 

Breyer is indeed a man of the left, but he is a Liberal.

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