May 23, 2008

A Bit of Perspective...

Via Malkin :Cartoon via Red Planet

The government is making a lot more off the gas than the gas companies.

Keep that in mind the next time some populist pinhead threatens to nationalize the petroleum industry.

(just sayin'.)

Given the need to transfer to alternate fuels because of well founded concerns about feeding jihadism petro dollars and the need to increase self sufficiency,  gas (or other carbon tax) is not something that I'm in principal opposed to....certainly less than other taxes.

The downside is that (as we are seeing now) gas prices have a sort of pachinko effect through the economy and expensive gas is just obnoxious.

A tax however is IMHO vastly preferable to the sort of byzantine cap and trade system favored by the greens which involve a sort of UN sponsored "indulgence" system and give tremendous power to governing bodies over the means of production....which has been the evil opposite of a good thing historically.

UPDATE:It should also be noted in passing that the price of oil has not risen in absolute terms quite as much as it seems from looking at its dollar price....The Dollar has actually gone down quite a bit in value. This is not to say that more rfineries or production would not help, but the Dollar is a big issue in and of itself.

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May 18, 2008

Some Beleated Jabberjawing on the "Chamberlain Smear"

Last week I did little but apply my right palm to my face when Obama's bizarre overreaction to an uncharacteristically good Bush speech. In the words of  The Instapundit ...

MEMO TO THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN: When somebody condemns appeasement, it doesn't help things to jump up and yell"Hey! He's talking about ME!"

Tonight I stumbled onto two less succinct but more comprehensive takes on this, which are worthy of linkage simply because of the spectrum of opinion.

The Anchoress likes the POTUS a lot and agrees with him on rather more issues than I do. She has a thoughtful roundup including the full text of the speech here and here.

Galrhan by contrast, strongly dislikes the the President, yet, is also deeply disturbed by Obama's reaction to a substantively correct speech.

Obama must have a guilt complex or something, how else can one explain how he sees this as a personal attack? Note, Hillary didn't react like a crying child, in fact she didn't react at all like Bush was talking about her. Why? Because no one in the world doubts she'll kick their ass, saw off their nuts, and mail them home to mommy. Everyone in the world but his supporters thinks Obama is weak, and it is why all the trash in the world love him. His reaction, and its associated pity party, only reinforces that perception of weakness.

It is not good for the nation to have such a stark contrast in perceived fortitude between the two candidates.

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May 14, 2008

A Good Treatment for Utter Dispair


Of course she scares me less than Obama, but I still get to laugh.

Shamelessly lifted from  Rand Simberg.

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Oh Dang...I Haven't Ragged on Huckabee in Months

The Anchoress however, has not been so neglectful.

Read the whole thing. In fairness, it concerns some of his more fanatical backers rather than Huckabee himself but it is a reminder (as if one was needed) that the Jackasses don't have a lock on creepy messianic political campaigns in their primaries this cycle...just the successful one.

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May 13, 2008

On the West Virginia Primary

Thoughtful analysis...with a Ghibli perspective.

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