June 22, 2020

Oh. So THAT'S What it Means

The protestors in Seattle are annoyed by the moniker that the media has assigned them (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or C.H.A.Z.). And to be fair, CHAZ is silly. To rectify this public relations problem they have demanded that they be referred to as C.H.O.P. (Capitol Hill Occupied Protest). This did not seem like an improvement to me but it turns out that C.H.O.P. has the advantage of honesty, as this fellow in the embedded video helpfully explains.  "Does anybody here know what happened to the people who did not get on board with the French Revolution?” to which the crowd cheers "CHOP!"

Original video source is Shelby Talcott's Twitter :

I've got a degree in History. Trust me when I say that this is bad
No doubt you are now reading up on The French Revolution, particularly The Terror. However, I suggest you, gentle reader, also read a bit about the Spanish Civil War, the Maoist Cultural Revolution, and Salem Witch Trials.  This movement has similarities to each of those manias, which all were catastrophic for the affected populations.  

...and for those who think this can't affect those of us in the hinterlands if these people win, here is a Quillette article on what for us is a relevant subset of The Terror...The Rape of the Vendee'.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that we go ahead and call them what they want to be called here, for clarity's sake.

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