September 21, 2019

Our society...

...has something of a problem.

A great darkness is coming.

The individual that proudly tweeted this horror is the lead of the English dept in a New Jersey school-system.

God what a waste. Obviously books need to be rotated and replaced periodically, but even IF this particular turnover is an unalloyed good, (doubtful IMHO) it's a spectacular waste of resources.

If this school ever has a bake sale, they can choke on their brownies, because they just threw away stuff that could have gotten them much more money. 

There are any number of options that they had besides this, (booksale anyone!?) but they don't care about that. It's not enough to rid themselves of that which they dislike; the offending ideas must be purged from society. 

What chills me to the core about this tweet though, is that there is no excuse, however flimsy, being given. This isn't happening in the dead of night. No they're bragging about it.

This is fanaticism. 

This is a mad priest burning the herisies, It is reminiscent of Cromwell, the Red Guards, GODWIN VIOLATION DELETED, The Taliban, Killjoy Baptists, and what the ChiComs do with Bibles and Korans. It is the modus operandi of every villain in a juvie prior to 2004. 

And yet, she proudly tweets about this as it serves to bear witness to her faith.

This is very serious business.  We are in profound trouble as a society.

Those who remember are dying. most of those who are young will never learn.

The enlightenment values of Western Civilization represent an anomalous 300 year aberration in the history of humanity. If we do not arrest this cancerous trend, then like the Greek City States before us, this wondrous aberration will disappear into the 300,000 year+ history of humanity as merely one of a few short lived deviations from the mean.

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September 16, 2019

Brexit Briefs

We here at Brickmuppet Blog have been looking at the current constitutional crisis in the U.K. with utter bewilderment and incomprehension of the workings of their 800 year old system (which we in the States figuratively gnawed our leg off to get away from).  If you're interested in this dumpster fire or just want reassurance that we aren't the only people being run by degenerate numbnuts, then these two videos may be of interest.

First; a brief brief which gives a basic but enlightening overview of the implications of what's going on in six minutes that, as a bonus, is easy on the eyes.

This second brief is not at all brief, clocking in at almost exactly an hour. However, it's very interesting and involves a deep explanation of the historical context as well as a detailed overview of the current situation by David Starkey, a very animated and passionate legal historian.

This interview is both edifying, and rather scary, particularly the bit about the motivations of the Remainers, who are, in fact a subset of a social clique that torments many nations.

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September 12, 2019

I Do Not Vape

Vaping annoys me.

However, this moral panic is stupid.

I was into my third paragraph explaining why this is, when I noted that someone had managed to debunk the whole retarded@ proposition in 45 words.

@ Another reason, besides my jarring lack of pithiness, for my parsimonious participation on Twitter.

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September 09, 2019

More on Brexit

I have NO idea what's happening with regards to the situation in the British parliament, but it seems quite consequential.

There is what appears to be a good overview here at Claremont.

I'm not sure Sargon knows whats going on either,  but (bear with me here) he IS a citizen of the U.K. and he gives a layman's overview of what he's seeing in this, his most recent video on the subject.

A slightly earlier and much longer video where he interviews a legal analyst on the matter is here.

This does seem to be a colossal mess.

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September 03, 2019

Can Someone Explain

...what the hell is happening in the U.K.?

It sounds like a bunch of people switched parties and now Brexit is pretty much dead.

We've had this happen in the U.S. on occasion, most recently during Bush 2's term, with one fink in the Senate, but never anything like 21.

My confusion is this.

Because of the Parliamentary system the U.K. has, and the way they form their governments (the Queen is technically the head of state, but the actual governing executive is run by the PM, which is equivalent to our Speaker of the House). this is of much greater import than changing one legislative bodies political balance. This SEEMS to this more akin to what we would have if there were enough disloyal electors in a presidential a genuine constitutional crisis.

Am I wrong?

This looks absolutely appalling, but I don't know a lot about the U.K. system so I'm genuinely curious.

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You-Tube Graciously Helps Bitchute in Their Membership Drive

That word "Hate Speech" is...slippery. (Update: to wit via

Brickmuppet Blog's Bitchute referral page is here.

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