March 26, 2009

Necessary Debunkery

Ugh! 2 politix posts in a row....

.... and this one has to stay above the fold due to the need to stamp out a bit of asshattery.

OK Kids, this will come as a shock to some of you but the President of the United States did not read the Irish PM's its entirety...thanking himself in the process.

The story seems to have begun with a rather muddled AP report.

More on this here. (Via The Instapundit)

Sad that we need the UK's Telegraph to put this to rest.

The Science Babes observe that it is sadder still that so many of us have to play cleanup for our own 2-didgits over this and stuff like the idiot birth certificate story.

I mean it's not like there are not real things to get upset about.

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March 24, 2009

Press Conference Two

An attempt at live blogging the presidents second press conference.
Has been moved where it belongs...below the fold.

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March 20, 2009

Above the Fold

OK. I have very little time right now but this needs to be said.

Give the POTUS a break.

The other night the President made a self deprecating comment about his bowling score. In the process he offended some people. It was not a politically correct comment and was inartful for a political leader to utter. 


For one thing the fact that the President tried a self deprecating remark is a major improvement over the mini Parthenon of his nomination speech.

This kerfuffle should be given a rest.

Many of us on the right are making the bleedingly obvious point that if Bush , McCain or Palin had said this it would be run into the ground by the press incessantly. Well yes...and it would be wrong...and you know what?We would say so.

This flubbed bit of self deprecation is a non issue.

He has made some cringeworthy faux pas over the last few days and like many of my friends my face is often embedded in my palm over them. But he is our president and this is an exceedingly trivial issue.
There are quite a few issues pertaining to policy that we can, and must oppose him on...I have and I will.

However it is not good to be playing the "gotcha" game and crowing about hurt feelings over a joke. This is stupid and bad for the country.

Political correctness is a bane of our nation and its corrosive effects on free speech need to be fought tooth and nail...including here.

Yes it is delightfully Karmic crow over this and give the Dems a well deserved dose of their own poison, but it is unfair to the office and bad for the country to hound our President over trivialities. It also cheapens our outrage over the many very real, nontrivial issues we have.

I am no fan of the current resident of the White House, but Barak Obama is the President of the United States...he has taken the weight of the world onto his shoulders on our behalf. He damned well deserves not to be hounded over PC trivialities for the good of the nation.

God knows there are enough substantive issues to oppose him on .

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March 18, 2009

How Very Fortunate We Are

For the benefit of those with lives or weak constitutions, the hyper-partisan hyperlinks are below the fold....For the benefit of everyone, there's this...

Artist Unknown


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March 10, 2009


Yes Brickmuppeteers, a new word is born.

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March 08, 2009

OK This Crap Needs to End NOW

  As anyone who has perused this blog at any length is aware, as a citizen I am NOT an advocate, fan or booster for the current President.


He IS the President and he is damned well due the respect, even in disagreement, that Americans who are not hyperpartisan douchebag putzes accord a holder of that august office. (Just as Bush was.)

I was going to do a normal below the fold politics post on the cacophony of fail currently emanating from the oval office when I discovered that this piece of excrement had arrived in my inbox.

The video is short (2:28  ) and purports to show the different level of regard the USMC has for the previous and current Commander in chief.

Two points:
One....It is quite probable that these were cherry picked speeches. No indication is given of what sort of ceremony the two speeches were for, they may have had different solemnity levels and the different commands may have had different standing orders for their troops.

Two...The United States Armed Forces, while in uniform, do NOT, must NOT play politics. That leads down a trail which ends in blood. Happily, we have a pretty damned professional officer corps whose oath is to uphold the constitution, not any party, so I don't actually see this happening short of an actual suspension of the constitution.

While it is perfectly OK (and IHMO right now necessary) to criticize our President. This video manages at a stroke to  disrespect the office, disrespect a man who has taken the weight of the world on his shoulders on our behalf AND dishonor the Marines of Camp Lejune by painting them as disloyal.

This line of attack is libelous, seditious crap and Brickmuppet Blog unequivocally and without reservation condemns it.

UPDATE: I sent this to several Milbloggers a few others.Sent it to some of the Volokh conspirators because I wonder if the  video would constitute a violation of the Hatch Act.

UPDATE 2: I'm behind the curve on this one,  Greyhawk  comments

UPDATE 3: I am off base, this doesn't even come close to a Hatch Act violation. To clarify,
I wasn't concerned that the Marines in the vid were violating the Hatch act in any way, but I failed to make that clear. I thought that the vid might have been produced by a servicemember, but even if it was it is merely in poor taste, not any violation of the Hatch Act. Thanks to all those who responded and set me straight.
My opinion of the merits of the video still stands.

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