August 06, 2010

Still No Pictures

  I'm taking it easy today and tomorrow, mostly studying Japanese, and trying not to exacerbate my sunburn, which, as it peels on my bald head looks like mutant dandruff...or something and seems to be scaring people. The intertubes went out at the guest house so I'm again at the sublime geek heaven that is N-Cafe in Akihabara, where I took care of some online stuff for the university (and I took a few moments to kill some Zombjas)  I note that in seven days, I've been to Akihabara twice and haven' gone to any of the anime, CD or manga stores....hmmm.

  My Blackberry is still stubbornly refusing to give up its pictures, even on my laptop, which has the Blackberry ap. I suspect the USB connector I bought here the other day is slightly 'off'. I may have a work the form of having my camera and blackberry cables mailed to me. 

Assuming I can get my ATM card to work I hope to be in Nagasaki on the 9th and possibly wait in the hell line at Comiket sometime during the weekend of the 12th. If I can't then I'll be down to one meal a day and be limited to day trips, ( no hotels) though the Shinkansen and rail pass still mean I can journey pretty far afield. I'm going to try and purchase a used bike in the next few days. 

  Finally, Reeces cups notwithstanding, sometimes good things do not go together. Case in point:
Hamburger curry.
Hamburger curry is is unfair to the hamburger, unfair to the curry and unfair to me. 

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