September 28, 2007

Dismaying Incincerity

The Anchoress has a typically  thoughtful piece up on the authenticity deficit in our politics which seems more sorely felt than usual this year.

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September 14, 2007

Naive? Moi?

Instapundit recently linked to this story about the hiring shenanigans of UC Irvine. It seems they hired a super liberal Dean for their new law school.....and then fired him because of pressure from the VRWC.....or something....they can't get their story straight.

Daily Pundit correctly points out that this is unusual only because of the politics of the erstwhile Dean.

While the lack of reciprocity in indignation is certainly annoying, I don't think it should trump principal.

This guy was shoddily treated and if some blockheaded righty did make noises about it the school was wrong to knuckle under.

This is outside of my usual interests and I'm only aware of it because I'm not exactly a lone voice in the wilderness on this. There are other members of the hopelessly naive union of right of center bloggers here, here and here.

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