December 26, 2012

What Would the Prerequisite Even BE?

Back on the 15th I mentioned that I'd lost a few classes in getting transferred to the new catalog. One of these was English 110...freshman English, which I had taken many years ago at a community college, only to have it not be honored now by ODU. Well...imagine my surprise the other day when I attempted to register for the course online and was told that I don't have the prerequisites.
I'm a senior...I'm working towards (besides my actual major and minor) a TESOL certificate..more to the point ENG 110 is THE LOWEST LEVEL ENGLISH COURSE.

Can someone explain this?

I'll accept that.

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1 The next time you speak with them, use a fake accent and complain loudly  in pigdin English that they are discriminating against you because you are not pure white.  Not only will that clear your prerequisite problem, it might even get you full credit without taking the class...

Posted by: Siergen at Wed Dec 26 18:56:27 2012 (Ao4Kw)

2  Frankly I think these people have been jerking your chain with this stupid stuff for way too long.  You shold not have to retake bogus courses just because they changed the catalog.  I would take your transcript and mark off the rest of the courses you need to finish your degrees and got your advisors and tell, not ask her, that this is the end.  If she gives you any guff, go to her boss.  it's way past time you stopped playing the game they want and insist on what you have worked for.  They work for you, you don't work for them. 

Posted by: jcarlton at Mon Dec 31 12:38:11 2012 (i0RQw)

3 Actually the adviser is not the issue. She's gone to the mat for me against the department and the University. She helped me appeal a previous kick in the teeth (~35 credits) and last year got just under half of them back.

 I can't formally apply to graduate until April, but I am now, for all intents and purposes done with the credit assessment.  One of the reasons for the meeting was to find out NOW, for sure ,which classes were not actually going to be counted. It was important to clear out all the "maybes" BEFORE applying, because to do so after applying would keep me in limbo for a year. The ENG 110 class in particular had been rejected before and tentatively restored, but it was ultimately rejected again. I'm glad to find out about it now.

There is a time for courage and speaking truth to power in college. That time is after you have the sheepskin in your possession and locked away in a fireproof vault.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Mon Dec 31 13:23:10 2012 (vp6an)

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