December 15, 2012

April 1

Some halfway decent news.

 I talked to my adviser Tuesday. We went through my transcript page by page including long gaps, transfers and community colleges going back to 1989. In the process she converted me to the 2012-2014 catalog. I lost about 9 credits in the process, some because they are now considered redundant. For example a 200 level philosophy class was once required after Phil101. It is no longer required so those 3 credits of "A"s just sort of fly away. This erosion has taken place before and it is demoralizing ( I'd also argue that it's criminal if they didn't have me by the shorthairs), but I'm almost over the threshold. Despite the lost credits I am set to graduate next year. On Monday April 1, 2013* I have an appointment with my adviser to formally apply for graduation. At that point they can't change the rules on me. It may be August, it may be December, the answer will rest as it has been for some months on what is offered in the summer and what I can afford. I actually have several classes worth of flexibility even with the loss so it's looking good.

As for this past semester, so far I've got "B"s in everything I've received grades for thus far, which is not great but considering how much school I missed, I'll take it.

* (April first!?)

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