May 21, 2019

While We're On the Subject of Bullying

Sourcing is sparse, but appears that a couple of Vice reporters broke into the home of the owner of 8-chan in the Philippines, and were surprised to find him in his bedroom, whereapon he drove them out with a baseball bat. Charges are reportedly being filed but info is sparse.  This is disturbing but also odd. I was under the impression that the owner of infinity-chan is a quadrapalegic. ****

In related news is this disturbing story (via ACE's sidebar). It appears that there are several reporters who are soliciting the personal information of various people from antifa who antifa defines as fascist. (Note that the people involved apparently define Dave Rubin and Tim Pool as fascists).   Anyway they are using the information to dox people into oblivion. These people can't get jobs, one fellow in particular seems to have been an EMT, was suspended, found to have done nothing wrong but couldn't get rehired because he was inviting drama from the SPLC and others.

They're stalking people and hounding them across state lines, giving dirt to their new employers and getting them fired. This is taking people who may (or more likely do not) have genuinely assholish views they express online and perhaps delusions of persicution, and teaching them two things: that they are not delusional and they have nothing to loose because they cannot ever get a job or be allowed in society.

This will only radicalize people.

This is not going to end well. 

UPDATE: Jim Watkins, (who runs a hosting service_ now owns both 8Chan and the Japanese site 2Channel"Hotwheels" is now an administrator.

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