June 26, 2023


I went to celebrate my Dad's 82nd birthday, and when I got home I noted there was news from Russia. And...well...

Zeihan has thoughts:

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1 Dunno, but we may eventually find out.

I was very distracted by the excitement of trying to follow that a little.  (Was rooting for injuries.)

Doesn't really matter, we aren't going to be prepared to act on any Russian weaknesses until the Democrats are no longer in a position to backstab any sane American foreign policy. 

Democrats are a greater potential danger to the American people than any foreign power could really manage.  Even a hostile foreign disease warfare program would basically rely on Democrat collaborators for much of the real damage.

(I don't think the Russians or the PRC have much working nukes.  They would need a good number of maintained warheads, maintained guidance systems, and maintained delivery systems to get past a working US defense system.  The totalitarians are self sabotaging too hard to know which systems have what level of reliability given the actual maintenance.  (I do find the totalitarianism in America concerning with regard to effects on missile and air defense.)  If I thought the Democrat vote in the blue cities were not mostly fraud, I would be somewhat willing to write off a few cities as justice for the Democrat treason.)

If the Russians turn their backs on totalitarianism, they may be able to fix their maintenance and economic problems.  Then we may really regret missing the opportunity to launch a counter force and counter Moscow first strike while those systems are this poorly maintained.  Or Russia might get sane enough not to see us as their primary foe.  So delaying action while we take the slow path on fixing the Democrats may or may not be the correct call. 

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