October 24, 2014

We Have Morons on Our Team

It seems that Craig Spencer, a doctor with Medicines Sans Frontiers, recently returned from the ebola hot zone in Africa. 10 days or so into his 21 day quarantine period he began feeling ill. This sad news, is, of course, not unexpected. It is why we have the quarantine for those who are exposed to this vile bug. Unfortunately, it gets worse. You see, he began feeling ill, when, as part of his..umm...quarantine...he had taken the subway to that bastion of solitude that is...a bowling alley.

Ace has thoughts
Yup. That's what you like to see. Potentially infected people should really try to mix with as many random strangers as possible. They should try to wear as many rented shoes as possible, and stick their fingers into bowling balls that other people will be handling.
 Also stand in line for food. 

I understand, that he took an Uber home.

Good grief. 
This was a fricking DOCTOR! He had just spent a tour witnessing up close what this dreadful pestilence can do, and he broke quarantine?! To go BOWLING!? 

Dr. Reynolds has a bunch of links on this here

People gave grief to the late Thomas Duncan who was, at one point, told that he was clear and sent home, but this guy was a doctor with direct experience with this disease...he knew better. Presumably, he just decided that it wasn't going to happen to him.

 Hubris kills, and it does not confine its wrath to the arrogant. 

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1 At this point, all medical personnel should immediately move, if exposed, to _enforced_ _mandatory_ quarantine, because the odds are, based on current experience, they'll decide "what the heck, let's go out in public!"
That's, what, 2 out of 3 exposed nurses and doctors deciding to spread the love?

Posted by: RickC at Fri Oct 24 17:39:11 2014 (0a7VZ)


Cuomo and Christie have put new quarantine orders in place in New York and New Jersey, respectively, and by quarantine I mean mandatory enforced isolation.

Which the whole country should have had months ago.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Fri Oct 24 18:43:54 2014 (+rSRq)

3 But that might discourage people from going over to Africa to help! Dr Richard Besser says so!

Posted by: JP Gibb at Fri Oct 24 20:50:59 2014 (NnF9/)

4 Was that the link you intended to go there JP?

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Fri Oct 24 22:24:44 2014 (DnAJl)

5 Sonofa...

Try this one, at the 2:44 mark.

Posted by: JP Gibb at Mon Oct 27 09:20:26 2014 (NnF9/)

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