February 04, 2022

V-Tuber Mysteries

I did not blog today.

That is because my brief window of opportunity for blogging was taken up by watching Rekita Law. You see, today, Pixy had mentioned in passing that something wonderful had happened in their latest podcast where a shout-out was given to Pipkin Pippa, a V-Tuber I'm not familiar with, but whose videos seem to have all been deleted from Twitch. 

So I just listened to today's WHOLE Rekita Law podcast and missed it due to a delivery, turns out Rekita mentioned Pipkin Pippa at the 52:00 point during super-chats. All that I gleaned was that Rekita was treading lightly about " The Tales of the Gunt Saga" and that he was trying to get Pipkin Pippa on his show, but that her agency was worried about controversy. Both Rekita and Barnes (his guest) agreed that "...there's so much backstory there that we don't have time for it". 


I still have no idea what happened...but it was apparently awesome and/or involved fat shaming.

I'm not familiar with Pipkin Pippa, but Rekita Law is one of those law Vlogs like Frie and Barnes's shows that discusses the darker sides of the criminal justice system with such eloquence one almost always leaves with far more than one's recommended daily dose of blackpills. 

I sat through that whole thing, and learned a lot about how bad things really are, particularly with the IRS, but I never learned what the cartoon rabbit-girl did that has gotten her a standing invitation to be on an American legal analysis show.

I blame Pixy.

Beware! This is the face of controversy!
Or mischief.
Or revolution maybe.

UPDATE and Legal Disclaimer:
Apparently Pipkin Pippa has been commenting eruditely on You-Tube legal shenanigans...at least according to the crack team of drop bears we have running our IT dept. 
Legal Disclaimer: 
Note that while we point the finger firmly and unwaveringly at Pixy for our overall lack of content, he is not in anyway legally RESPONSIBLE. He is merely the person to whom we have assigned BLAME. 

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