May 20, 2013

Ubu Roi (Bumped)

Anime Blogger Ubu Roi has had a rough year.

A completely accurate rendering of Ubu in a top hat and parachute*.

Ubu is steadily progressing though, and he has advanced up the tiers of Hell from STROKE to SPINAL INJURY.

Note that this is still, as our Dear Leader would say, "sub-optiomal". 

Today he finds out if he has to go down one level to BACK SURGERY so send him your good wishes. Oh, and prayers are not to be disincentivised.

If I'm not the only one unable to comment there please feel free leave your words of encouragement here.

UPDATE: He will require spinal surgery (ugh).

*and wig and shawl and dress and freaky-deaky anime mask.

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1 Eh, it's not the end of the world.  Lots of advances in microsurgery, and it's almost outpatient.  Sounds like they plan to keep me around for a bit for observation, but the doc says I should be back at work in a week or two after the surgery.  He's one of the top ten neurosurgeons in the country.

The real pain is that I was getting established in a new section and role post-stroke (the measures I took to ensure stress reduction at work were swift, effective, and left bruises), and now this. My plans involved working 5-10 more years and at least one more promotion.  Instead I'm burning all my vacation and sick time, then taking unpaid leave.  Not good.

Posted by: ubu at Thu May 23 09:37:48 2013 (GfCSm)

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