August 22, 2015

Tonights Recitations From Kipling Will be Performed by Rory Mercury

From episode 8 of GATE which  continues to be highly intelligent and entertaining. This is despite having a girl in a Gothic Lolita outfit adorned with fake wolf ears speaking before the Japanese Diet...or perhaps because of it.

The last episode indicated that our heroes would be returning to Japan from fantasy Middle Earth Land to be debriefed, and the civilians representatives from the other world would be interviewed. This was pretty much what happened. Of course coming out of Middle Earth into Shibuya rather IMPRESSES the visitors. In short order,  Itami, Leili  (acting as translator)Tuka and (God help us all) Rory Mercury all are asked to testify before the Parliament...

Now. Pick out the person from the above lineup most likely to cause the whole thing to go to worms...

We also learn that Mercury's Halbard/Pike/Tuning Fork weighs several hundred pounds.

There's no combat or other action whatsoever in this episode aside from an attempted mugging and a collateral hernia but a ton of stuff happened that moved the show forward including a bit of suspense involving intrigues facing our heroes in Japan, both foreign and domestic.

This show remains awesome.

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...enjoying their aftertaste.  I'm glad I drink cheap wine; I don't feel so bad when spitting it onto my monitor when I laugh.  That, sir, is priceless!

My wife was cheering towards the end of Rory's little speech.  But then, we are old, and have very badthoughts such as nationalism, patriotism, and love of Western Civilization (even if its Standard is carried by the East).  We just adore this series; yet, looking at places such as the ANN forum, most of the hate seems to based on a reaction to "it's pro-military" or "it's too nationalistic."  Ironic that Rory addressed both of those issues in her little homily.

Sometime we feel as if we are aliens within our own country.

Posted by: Clayton Barnett at Sat Aug 22 05:02:25 2015 (lU4ZJ)

2 I think Itami's ex-wife is a manga artist or animation piece-worker.  Clues: She's flat broke and starving, but still has a working computer and says something like "Have to turn in one more page by tomorrow...."

I just watched ShiroBako which has any number of characters like that.  Plus an only slightly fictionalised Hideaki Anno.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sat Aug 22 08:44:32 2015 (PiXy!)

3 Brick, that's a jewel of a line. Well played, sir.

Posted by: Avatar_exADV at Sat Aug 22 14:21:37 2015 (qxzj1)

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