March 03, 2018

Three Out of Four

Banality lurks below the fold. For those uninterested in my Walter Mitty lifestyle, here, instead, are two girls eating Spaghetti while camping.

I'm taking a class in Kanji and yesterday I had the midterm exam. I've been DREADING this exam. Well, to my considerable astonishment, I'm fairly confident that I got nearly everything right on the exam yesterday...
...that I wrote...
...before time was called.

On the debit side this corresponded to roughly two thirds of the questions. 


I was far from alone when time was called, but damn that was humbling.

I aced all my other exams.

With regard to my gradjeeashun follies, after some...words...with various people it was decided that while I do not have a minor as such, I have enough courses outside my major that I qualified for a partial waiver (Thank you Geology....Thank You Biology...Thank you Military History...Thank you Theatre...thank you Philosophy and Religion classes that I didn't actually get applied to my major). I may need one class, which I can take in the "Maymester", a short, 3 week session between the end of Spring classes and the graduation ceremony that has (coincidentally I'm sure) started being offered in recent years. This is fortuitous as the changing academic requirements apparently surprise many other seniors, who suddenly find the need at the last minute to pay a thousand dollars for one last class.

In the comments to a previous post, "Siergen" noted that SMBC has opined upon this phenomenon

I'll have the requisite number of credits, so I Inquired about a further appeal on that last point. That has not been officially resolved as of yet, but I just received a breathless E-mail from the university with the heading "You are Graduating" and imploring me to ask and determine which cap and gown I am authorized to wear.

Thus, there is a bit of additional urgency regarding this Kanji class. Fortunately, I've got all of Spring Break to catch, up. For now, I'm taking an actual weekend.


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