January 31, 2018

Don't Be Alarmed

That guttural wail of despair you just heard was not someone near you being dismembered. It was a blogger in Virginia opening his E-mail.

This has been a rough week, I've been under the weather. Mom and dad have been in and out of the hospital. I've had tests, papers and all manner if issues with ODU's Blackboard system this week. 

First, I found myself unable to post homework to the secure server. This turned out to be a browser issue (the school only speaks Chrome). Then, Sunday night, I found myself locked out of my account due to a hold. 

The hold was due to a "delinquent payment". Note that I am NOT delinquent, despite issues with the finance department and bank, I'd just paid the school five thousand simolians three weeks ago. I still owe a couple of hundred, but that is not due 'till April.

Well....It appears that someone screwed up. 

Now, everyone I've talked to in person or on the phone agrees that I should be able to submit homework, use the gym and library, and generally access the campus unmolested, but no one seemed to figure out HOW to restore my privileges.

A few minutes ago I got partial access and have been told that my issue should be resolved in 72 hours. This is doing NOTHING good for my GPA but, having access to my home page I was able to access my E-mail and start digging out of the hole I was i.........


Look what's in my In Box...

Dear ****:

Your academic catalog of 2006 for your Asian Studies major has expired. Catalog terms expire after six (6) years.

Per the University catalog: 
Undergraduate students may choose to graduate under the Catalog in effect at the time of their first enrollment (part-time or full-time) or any subsequent Catalog provided that the students graduate within six years (18 semesters) from the date of the first enrollment. If students do not graduate within this six-year period, they may choose to graduate under any Catalog in effect during a six-year period preceding the date of graduation.

Please reach out to your academic advisor to choose a valid catalog. Please note that you must fulfill the degree requirements of this new catalog.

Please see the Catalog Matrix link to assist in moving to an active catalog that will provide enough time to graduate under. 
Catalog Matrix: http://www.odu.edu/success/academic/advising/catalog-matrix

UIN: +++++++

I was graduating in June.

I had a job tentatively lined up in Japan starting in August. 

Every time they've done this, it's cost me at least 2 semesters. 
In 2010 it cost me 37 credits. 

Now, I am a Virginian and aspire to be a gentleman. Thus, sacred honor requires that stoicism and maturity be adhered to in my eternal quest for arete'. 

Fortunately, this imaginary, 2 dimensional young lady is able to express what I cannot. 

There comes a point when one realizes that there is no feasible "win" condition, and that one is in fact being played for a fool. 

That may be insufficient realization however...

It is true that multiple work conflicts, dropping out to take care of relatives, 2 hospitalizations and military leave do add up and can extend ones time in college. But if one is an undergraduate and over 17 years have passed since one returned to school then one might actually be a fool.

The drop deadline (naturally) just passed. 

I am numb, nonplussed and vexed.

I do have assignments I was working on, but the wind has left my sails.

I don't know when it or I shall return.

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