November 20, 2015

This post is

...bedeviled by banality, that bromidic bane of bloggery. 

Naturally, we have decided to distract from the mundane with the "problematic".
So here is a Scandi in a cheongsam...

Nora Valkyrie being delightfully appropriative is courtesy of Iesupo 

 When my car blew up back in April, I had initially anticipated repairing it, on the grounds that, having spent over 5000 dollars in a matter of months, the replacement of the engine would effectively give me an all new car. Sadly, the planned obsolescence that is at the heart of Toyota's business plan ensured that getting the thing running again would be at least that much again. 

So I junked it.

I paid the insurance company a nominal fee to keep my account active on the non drivable car. Several months ago I got a notice from the DMV asking for confirmation that I had auto insurance, so I had the insurance company pass along the fact that I was, in fact insured...on my non-operational car...that I was selling for junk as soon as I got a buyer. 

Today I was at the DMV registering my conveyance. As you might have guessed by my mentioning such a mundane detail as a six month old insurance inquiry...something had gone horribly wrong. 

My first clue that something was wrong was when the nice lady behind the counter asked how I got there. Actually, I missed that clue, 'cause I did not see this coming. You see, my insurance company had informed them that I was paying a placeholder insurance policy on the car. However the DMV was convinced that my car was drivable and did not have the minimum insurance required by the state, so a huge fat fine had been assessed against me and my license had been revoked. Letters informing me of this unhappy state of affairs had one is really sure. I'd been unwittingly driving around for six months with no license and a summons for failure to get insurance. Some quick, panicky phone time to the insurance company got a fax sent to the DMV soon enough that the nice peace officer who the clerk went and informed of my transgressions was able to avoid wasting any more time with me and it only took $147.00 to re-instate the drivers license that should not ever have been revoked anyway.

I am not in the pokey tonight and have a vehicle in my own name, so I'm counting today as a victory. 

In other news, I've been recently informed that due to the explosion in online orders I'm going to be getting out of work approximately 10 minutes after my class starts. (it's about 45 minutes away from work) so I had to drop the class before the deadline. My original intent was to not take any classes this semester, but since this one came open and started at 11AM, I figured that even with Christmas hours I'd have no problem working it in.

I was wrong. 

I lost some money, but as the class was an unexpected addition not required for my major this doesn't affect my graduation plans in any meaningful way. 

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