January 09, 2015

They Got'em

The French have reportedly killed both the Islamic terrorists who butchered the editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo as well as another associate who had taken the customers of a deli hostage. It looks like some hostages may have died in the process, but given the fanaticism and brutality of the hostage takers it is likely that this was unavoidable. There will be some recriminations over this affair, but it is important to remember that we are dealing with people who are utterly barbaric. 

No doubt the confederates of these savages will point to the fact that they were successful, having only  died after killing who they set out to kill and that every other person they killed was simply icing on the cake of their victory.

And they will claim a double victory since our 'betters' are sending the message that such actions get results.  

It is, therefore, up to the rest of us to demonstrate that these fiends died utterly in vain. 

I would not normally post some (most) of these because they are not my cup of tea and it would ordinarily be rude and offensive. Additionally, there are muslims out there who  deserve to be saluted rather than mocked

Furthermore, I'm from a culture that greatly values propriety. 

However, I, my culture and most of the various other cultures that make up this nation as well as the one that gave us Voltaire can agree on at least one thing. We value freedom of expression more

If you try to shut us up with threats or violence, you are going to get more of what pisses you off and little or none of what you find congenial. (Though accommodations can be made regarding martyrdom)

To do otherwise is to give those who threaten and intimidate us our leash.

Those in the media who would back down before this are empowering these barbarians and giving their message and their followers affirmation. It is the responsibility of the rest of us to show that those quislings do not speak for us and that our society is composed of sterner stuff than them. We must see to it that such  Quislingry is mocked and evaded.

Here's how it works in a civilized nation:

You do not have a right to silence those who offend you.

All stop.

Vive la France

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