April 28, 2021

The Terrible Crush to Get Vaccinated

Yeah. After months of trying to get my vaccine appointment, having it delayed, and being told that I'm not essential enough an essential worker I finally got an appointment for my first shot. 

Above was the line. 

There was literally no one else in the Rite Aid aside from staff. I talked to the pharmacist to find out if this was where I was supposed to be for my 10:03 appointment. He looked momentarily confused and checked his computer and said "We DO have one today." He then got my info, sat me down, injected me with Moderna's Mysterious Miasma and told me that I could not leave for 15 minutes lest I keel over or something. I sat in a chair in the corner for  15 minutes and at about minute 12, someone with an Australian accent came in and asked for the shot. 

I have questions.

Why was my appointment at 10:03...like there was a 10:02 and 10:04? 

Why was getting this shot like pulling hen's teeth? I've been trying for MONTHS. 

Why the talk of how tight supplies are? 

I can't see what anybody GAINS by this. It seems that setting up vaccine stations as 1st come 1st serve, now that old people are taken care of would be a better option. 

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1 This was the exact opposite of my experience. There are still no in-store appointments available within 30 miles of my house, so the big drive-through event at the rodeo grounds was my only option. They had 1,800 doses for the day, and the line of cars was about 90 minutes long by 10:30 AM.

In my case, minute-by-minute appointments made sense, since the event ran for about eight hours and had four active vaccination stations, so assuming one minute per shot, 8*60*4 = 1920. Maybe yours had originally been set up with the same sort of assumptions, and they were still scheduling that way even though there was no longer sufficient demand.


Posted by: J Greely at Wed Apr 28 14:17:08 2021 (ZlYZd)

2 Weirdly, now that I think about it, the line to get TESTED for COVID-19 went around the building through the drive thru. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Wed Apr 28 19:30:17 2021 (5iiQK)

3 In my case I did it through my hospital's network.  Most of the places close to me were booked solid so I had to drive 40 minutes to a center they had set up in a VFW Post.  Like with J. they had 4 stations.  Both times I was fairly early (~9:30/8:45), so the line to check in was only about 10 minutes and then another 5 to get to the station.  The post-injection waiting auditorium had ~1/3 of the chairs full with ~25 people.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Wed Apr 28 19:30:55 2021 (ykb0I)

4 it was tough out here in cali, ended up driving an hour to a stadium doing mass vaccinations. Hasn't been two weeks, but the shots are now available everywhere out here.  They are saying that they are having a hard time convincing the rest of the population that they should get the vaccine, so they are seeing a massive slow down in shots given. 

Posted by: vince at Thu Apr 29 15:26:05 2021 (3Ihg2)

5 They gain control and increase the paranoia. Like most of what's been bruited about regarding the ChiComPox.
Just assume the worst motivations on the part of the people pushing for more government control and you'll rarely be wrong.

Posted by: jabrwok at Fri Apr 30 09:30:20 2021 (T4WaI)

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