April 24, 2013

The Hoyt Principle

Sarah Hoyt has explained College Faculties (and I’m sad to say a lot of College Republicans) big "L” libertarians, the sad state of both Anime and American Comic Books, the Air Force, Climate Gate, Young Earth Creationism, Birthers, Truthers, Todd Akin, The View and quite possibly New Coke.

Go read the whole thing

This shall be called the Hoyt Principle and I strongly urge everyone to learn from it, for to fail to do so is the first step on the path to perdition and madness.

This is one reason I follow a bit of left wing crazy on Twitter, because an echo chamber does not strengthen ones arguments nor lead to enlightenment. Rather it is the path to distortion and deafness.

Of course Twitter is not conducive to discussion as it does not lend itself to any sort of comprehensive discussion.140 characters is perfectly adequate to get across the bumper-sticker slogans that compose a lot of left wing thought, but wholly inadequate to explain the complexities of conservative principles or for that matter pointing out why vaccine'ophobia is teh stupid.

Twitter does let you see what new crazy is trending though.

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