January 18, 2019

Subscribe Star Status

 I actually managed to secure a Subscribe Star account some weeks ago just under the wire before they shut down subscriptions, so I do get their updates.

It appears that after several false starts, and unhelpfully pollyanish reports from their advocates, they have managed to start processing payments.

Dear Friends,

We are at the point when we start getting back to our normal operations. Starting this Monday, we will begin charging live accounts of the existing subscribers in order to restore money flow to our content creators. Simultaneously, we will enable a few selected profiles to accept new subscribers.

Started with smaller size accounts, we will progress towards the bigger ones, just to keep the load under control while testing everything along the way.

After we done with the processing of all existing billings, we will get back to the long list of applications that are waiting in line for the review and approval. And right after that, we will enable all profiles to accept new subscribers and receive donations. At the same time subscribers, who joined the "free tier” with $0 subscription price may change the subscription tier to ones with real USD values.

Always yours,

SubscribeStar.com Team [ /quote]


Having looked at the site off and on for a few weeks I think that they need a much better search function to browse their various creators which vary in interests about as broadly as the electromagnetic spectrum. 

It's also a Russian site and all that that implies.

And they're not quite fully up and running yet.  

On the other hand, the site seems to work. The site blog is regularly updated. Anecdotally, people who have moved there seem happy with their overall experience (current unpleasantness notwithstanding). 

Finally, the Subscribe Star team have been Gandalf at the bridge with regards to internet censorship and they took a serious hit for it. Free speech is their only brand now and they will live or die as much by their adherence to that ideal as by more normal market forces. 

If that appeals to you click here and sign up.

Full disclosure: I (theoretically) get a cut of the profits from anyone who subscribes through that "sign up"link. This is theoretical because I'd need to give them  my checking account info regards which I am still "waiting and seeing". Take that for what you will.

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1 I signed up a few weeks before PayPal pulled out. I subscribe to 3 creators there, and they've only received one month of support from me, so far. I've been a big supporter of PayPal from their beginning, but I'm watching now to see how quickly Amazon payments propagate to new sites. I'm sure as heck not going to use Google Wallet.

Posted by: Ben at Fri Jan 18 22:04:43 2019 (4TRZx)

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