June 26, 2022

Stream Schedule

After a week of Streaming off and on I've settled down on a tentative schedule that fits in with my...uh...schedule.

Monday: 18:00 EDT/22:00 UTC  
Tuesday: 18:00 EDT/22:00 UTC
Wednesday: Off
Thursday:  Occasional streams after 18:00 EDT/22:00 UTC 
Friday: 21:00 EDT/01:00 UTC (Longer Stream)
Saturday: Occasional streams after 21:00 EDT/01:00 UTC
Sunday: Occasional streams after 18:00 EDT/22:00 UTC

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday Streams will be necessarily short (2-2.5 hrs) since both I and my internet alter ego have to be to work at 02:00 EDT. 

This should hold fairly steady for about a month, though I may be on the road in August. I want to stabilize at 4-5 days a week ultimately. I do reserve the right to start streams early, though I will make every effort to keep to the schedule otherwise. 

I expect to get my replacement PS2 in the next few weeks and will then have a wider variety of games than FF14. I'll be doing some silent films as well , though I have not decided which night to do those on yet. Actual day by day programing schedule will follow when all that shakes out. 

I'll be doing one of those occasional Sunday streams tonight. It'l be a fairly short stream tonight, partly to test some widgets. 

Stop by and say "Hi!"@ twitch.tv/brickmuppet tonight at 18:30 (6:30pm) EDT/ 22:30 UTC. We'll be viewing the 1910 version of Frankenstein (which is VERY short and was only viewed by bots when it aired before) and after that doing a bit of flailing/grinding in FF14. 

Maniacal laughter by AnimeGum. Support him on Patreon!

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