June 19, 2013

Starting to Make Headway

After the extended disquisition upon nothing that ground the series into a screeching, boring, mind numbing state of torpor with episode 10, Attack On Titan begins to resume, somewhat haltingly, it's story.

While most of episode 11 is discussing the need to get ready to do something, the discussions go into some interesting places.

Now that fate has bestowed upon certain of our protagonists the mantle of "important plot point" many other soldiers are going to need to form a diversion which is certainly going to suffer high casualties. One point that is beat into the main characters (and the audience) is something they've touched on before, namely that every single one of those soldiers is a person with all the, hopes, aspirations, potential and loved ones as anyone else. That they are serving as a diversion for what is hoped to be a decisive blow makes their sacrifice no less heroic than those striking that blow.

 There are other rarely appreciated things that this episode touches on.  At one point, a scratch force is being cobbled together from the survivors of the horrifically costly battle for Trost.  Having witnessed horrors no one should see and having had almost no time to recuperate physically or mentally several soldiers break morale. In any other show they would have been portrayed as cowards or worse but here they are convinced to fall back in line not by threat of execution but by appealing to the better angels of their nature...the desperate hope that the upcoming battle will prevent their familes from being eaten. It is a rare show that makes the case that even the best can crack, and reflect upon the fact that courage is not the absence of fear, but overcoming it.

While the show is not quite back up to it's previous high standards of pacing, it has recovered mightily from episode 10 which made the filler episodes of Bleach look like a Howard Hawks film.

By the end of episode 11 things are starting to happen again and they've resumed using animation instead of stills....

 So..is there a WORD for rappelling horizontally?

This could go any number of different ways, I'm looking forward to next weeks episode.

.gif via this Redditor.

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