July 21, 2019

Something is Strange:

Despite being done by the STD people, this doesn't actually look like it must inevitably suck. This looks really interesting.

I want to know more.

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1 Soooo, the plot is that Picard has to protect Ensign Sue?

Posted by: Mauser at Sun Jul 21 14:16:34 2019 (Ix1l6)

2 Soooo, the plot is that Picard has to protect Ensign Sue?
Looks like it. Just like Logan did in his eponymous movie. Or maybe Ensign Sue will be a better starship captain than Picard, just like Jedi Sue. Or maybe she'll be a better spy, just like Jamie Bond Sue.  Or maybe she'll be a better ghostbuster, or, or, or...

Posted by: jabrwok at Mon Jul 22 07:07:56 2019 (wKZS0)

3 I just can't. I held out one little candle of hope that they would do something new and interesting, even with bring (another) old character back...I mean, you could do all sorts of stuff to make a series about Picard interesting.

And all I see here is: REMEMBER THIS???!!! PICARD!!! CAPTAIN!!! CAPTAIN PICARD!!! THE DATA STORYLINE!!! BORG LADY (works cheap bcause that's all we could afford)!!! ***AND THE BORG!!!***

Are these actually Borg? What ARE the Borg anymore?

Borg and Data in the same storyline and memefied 20+year-old characters. Urgh.

Posted by: Ben at Mon Jul 22 09:22:42 2019 (osxtX)

4 The sad thing is that I just recently read a book about French vineyard owners. And they are tough, clever SOBs (including the women). They grow into the land, and learn from the grapes (and their employees, and each other, and every variant of the soil and water). They love pouring out their wine for the lucky person who has never tasted it before. They are full of joy, not alienated.
I know retired military guys. And they love their retirement jobs and hobbies. Doing things that are all about growing and healing and creating makes them happy and heart-whole.
So why do they have to make Picard discontent? He pretty much enjoyed himself wherever he went, in the show, and it was his genius to pull together a team and a home. Where are the tasters, the vinetenders, and all the other people who live in a vineyard? Where is the village church and the local saint and the war memorials, and the place where the king visited 800 years ago? There's no French in that house and vineyard; it is too hard and new.
If Picard were happy, digging him out to do the necessary would be more of a sacrifice, and watching him do it with grace and uncomplaining chivalry would be very true to the character of someone very senior in judgment.
I am okay with the new crew thing, but they do not all need to worship him. He showed up at the end of their history texts, after all, when they were all anxious to pass and get out.

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Tue Jul 23 07:58:38 2019 (sF8WE)

5 Oh, yeah. I forgot the dumb twist about Picard's brother and nephew dying in a vineyard fire. That makes sense of the new house. Gah, felt so angry about that bad fanficky crap back at the time, and so apparently my brain rejected the whole mess.
It still looks like California. Nothing wrong with California, of course. All the old TNG stuff was also filmed in CA, and I think I even know where, after watching some wine videos over the years. But they made it look like future France, and captured more of the feel of a working vineyard.
I hope it does work out. A lot of it does look good, and there is great potential.

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Tue Jul 23 08:10:54 2019 (sF8WE)

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