May 18, 2008

Some Beleated Jabberjawing on the "Chamberlain Smear"

Last week I did little but apply my right palm to my face when Obama's bizarre overreaction to an uncharacteristically good Bush speech. In the words of  The Instapundit ...

MEMO TO THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN: When somebody condemns appeasement, it doesn't help things to jump up and yell"Hey! He's talking about ME!"

Tonight I stumbled onto two less succinct but more comprehensive takes on this, which are worthy of linkage simply because of the spectrum of opinion.

The Anchoress likes the POTUS a lot and agrees with him on rather more issues than I do. She has a thoughtful roundup including the full text of the speech here and here.

Galrhan by contrast, strongly dislikes the the President, yet, is also deeply disturbed by Obama's reaction to a substantively correct speech.

Obama must have a guilt complex or something, how else can one explain how he sees this as a personal attack? Note, Hillary didn't react like a crying child, in fact she didn't react at all like Bush was talking about her. Why? Because no one in the world doubts she'll kick their ass, saw off their nuts, and mail them home to mommy. Everyone in the world but his supporters thinks Obama is weak, and it is why all the trash in the world love him. His reaction, and its associated pity party, only reinforces that perception of weakness.

It is not good for the nation to have such a stark contrast in perceived fortitude between the two candidates.

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