July 22, 2013

So, You May Ask, "Where's the Post?"

Right here. It's a disquisition on the pros, cons and history of pneumatic postal systems scaled up to eleventy.

Now you, gentle reader, may wish to suggest that there is no such post here. To that I'm afraid my response must be...

Don't. You. Think. I KNOW THAT!?

 I was almost...almost done...but I pasted a url in the text so I highlighted it and hit backspace.
It's what your supposed to do right?  Blogging...b..basic word processing...imple isn't it?...and and then the screen jumped to the previous page.

A..and it was gone..all those words. ALL OF THEM!

They say that there's no devil...but there is...it came and ate my post RIGHT OUT OF HELL!!


Anyway, in lieu of any actual content,  here's a nice documentary on the making of Star Trek's The Doomsday Machine that I pilfered from Ace's sidebar.

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Posted by: Wonderduck at Mon Jul 22 18:32:11 2013 (F+CeQ)

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